Koufu Staff At SGH Allegedly Serves Stale Bread & Rolls Eyes At Customer, Company Investigating

Koufu Stall Staff At SGH Allegedly Sold Stale Bread & Was Rude To Patron

A stall at the Koufu food court in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) selling Vietnamese cuisine is in the spotlight for apparently selling stale bread.

Not only that, the stall holder also reportedly had a bad attitude when a patron asked about her food.

Unhappy with the service and quality she received, the patron took to Facebook to share her grievances.

In response, Koufu said that they are currently investigating the incident.

Stall staff reportedly rolled her eyes when patron tried getting her attention

According to the patron’s post in the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, the incident happened at Ngon Viet Cuisine at the Koufu outlet at SGH.

Source: Facebook

Although she made the post on Friday (24 Nov), it’s unclear when exactly she visited the stall.

In her post, the patron claimed that an employee at the stall “rolled her eyes” when she tried to get the latter’s attention after placing her order on the Koufu app.

“She was sitting at the far end of the store and playing with her phone,” the patron added, describing the scene before she called for the staff member.

Koufu Vietnamese stall allegedly sold stale bread to patron

The patron reportedly ordered a serving of Vietnamese bread with a pork meatball in tomato sauce.

Source: Facebook

However, to her dismay, she seemingly only received a few slices of bread and a single meatball, without the sauce and salad shown in the image on the menu.

Source: Facebook

Making matters worse, when she enquired about the missing items, the staff allegedly waved her off and said, “It’s like that.”

The patron also claimed that the bread was stale.

Declaring that she was “very annoyed”, the patron warned other diners to “eat at their (your) own risk” if they were considering getting their next meal from the stall.

Food court operator investigating incident

About an hour after the patron made the post, her grievance caught the attention of Koufu, who addressed the matter in a comment.

Source: Facebook

They thanked the patron for her feedback and said that they were looking into the incident.

Koufu is also apparently in the process of getting in touch with the patron.

“We will work with the stall owner to ensure such [an] incident will not happen again,” they pledged.

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