Passenger Misses Last Stop On North-South Line MRT, Ends Up Travelling Through Tunnels

Passenger Forgets To Alight At Last MRT Stop On North-South Line

When taking long rides on the MRT, we may sometimes doze off and accidentally miss our stops. Most of the time, we’d just alight at the next stop and find our way to our intended destination.

But one lady couldn’t do that when she missed the last MRT stop on the North-South Line (NSL) and ended up travelling through seemingly endless underground tunnels.


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While she eventually managed to continue on her original journey, it was still a memorable experience for her.

Passenger spaces out & misses last MRT stop

In a TikTok video on 28 Mar, Yi Jing shared about her unusual experience. She wrote in the caption that she had failed to alight at the last MRT stop on the NSL.

Source: @1800hootnimama on TikTok

She then panned the camera to show the empty train cabins, revealing that she was the only passenger left on the train.

Source: @1800hootnimama on TikTok

Explaining the circumstances leading to the turn of events, Yi Jing told MS News that she felt fatigued from work. So when she got onto the train, she simply put on her earphones and blasted her music without paying attention to her surroundings.

Soon after, she noticed that the train had stopped, and all the other cabins were empty.

That was when she realised that she had missed the last MRT stop, Marina South Pier, and was left stranded on the train.

Staff member from operations room helps passenger

Thankfully, a train station staff, supposedly from the operations room, eventually came to her rescue.

Yi Jing noted that an announcement about the last station had been made, but she must have missed it as she had her earphones in.

The employee, who spoke to her through the emergency communication system, assuaged her worries, saying that the train would eventually return to Jurong East.

Still trying to process the situation, Yi Jing remained seated and waited for the train to return to its first stop.

Employee relays instructions via public announcement system

While waiting, Yi Jing called her friend. Perhaps because she was in a panicked mood, she began talking loudly on the phone.

That was when the staff member decided to make a public announcement in the train, asking her to “relax” and to keep her voice down.

Source: @1800hootnimama on TikTok

Yi Jing then responded to the announcement as though she was having a conversation, asking if she should stay or leave the train cabin.

To her surprise, the staff member made another announcement, asking her to stay.

Source: @1800hootnimama on TikTok

Thereafter, she remained seated and took the opportunity to enjoy the long ride home.

Passenger makes it home safely

Yi Jing shared with MS News that the train made its way back to Marina South Pier after a while and proceeded in the direction of Jurong East.

While what happened to Yi Jing certainly isn’t something we’d want to experience, we’re sure it has given her an interesting story to tell. More importantly, we’re glad that she made it to her intended destination safely in the end.

For the rest of us, this incident is definitely a good reminder to pay attention and not miss our stop when taking public transportation.

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Featured image adapted from @1800hootnimama on TikTok.

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