Police Called To Lau Pa Sat Cheers Over Dispute, Staff Refuses To Show ID Upon Questioning

Lau Pa Sat Cheers Staff Alleges ‘Thug-Like’ Behaviour From Police Officers

UPDATE (10pm): Cheers said the staff involved has been counselled and placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. You can read their statement in the article below.

When it comes to times of crises, our local authorities can be depended on for assistance. However, not complying with them during an investigation can worsen a situation.

This was the case in a Cheers outlet in Lau Pa Sat recently. In a series of videos, an employee at the shop explained that he called the police after an altercation with a drunk customer.

He refused to follow instructions by the officers during the investigation, though, claiming they exhibited “thug-like” behaviour.

Lau Pa Sat staff calls police after encountering a drunk customer

The man posted five videos to TikTok on 1 Jan, detailing his encounter with Singapore Police Force (SPF) officers.


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In the first video, he explained his encounter with the drunk customer to them. He alleged that the customer claimed to be a police officer, used vulgarities and “caused trouble.”

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The officers then requested his identification (ID), to which he responded,

Why do you need my ID? I am protected by my boss’ camera, so I don’t need to give my ID. I never do anything wrong.

One of the officers asked him if he used the word “Bangladesh” during his conversation with the other customer.

The OP replied in the affirmative and stated he did so as the man had “played the race card” first by asking if he was from Malaysia or China.

Refuses to close down outlet for investigation

The situation escalated further in the second video when the OP asked if a police report had been filed against him.


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He claimed it was false, adding,

Before you investigate me, you should investigate him for the false report first.

Following this, the officers flipped the sign on the shop door from ‘Open’ to ‘Closed’.

The OP then rushed forward to flip it back, stating they could not disrupt his business because of their investigation.

In response, the officer explained that customers would continue to interrupt their inquiry as he was manning the counter alone.

Source: TikTok

Another official also instructed a patron to return later when he attempted to enter, which the OP openly defied by telling him to come in anyway.

They stated they could ask him for his ID under Section 65 of the Criminal Procedure Code 2010. The law dictates that any individual is liable to be arrested if they fail to provide their particulars upon making a police report.

However, the OP refused to believe this, repeatedly asking what Section 65 was.

Eventually shows ID to police officers

The third video showed the OP eventually producing his ID for the police officers, after which they began making preparations for his arrest as per Section 65.


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This upset the OP, who promised to make the footage of their altercation go viral on TikTok.

Source: TikTok

When one of the officers pointed out they had given him multiple warnings, he claimed that he was verifying why he had to provide his identification.

The OP also alleged that the officers were not following “standard operating procedures”. He went on to reference “recent corrupt cases of SPF”.

“I have news articles backing up my claim,” he added.

In the fourth and fifth videos, he questioned the officers on various issues, including why his shop had to remain closed.

Staff has been counselled & put on administrative leave

On Monday evening (2 Jan), Cheers put up a Facebook post saying that they’d been notified of the incident.

Source: Cheers on Facebook

The staff involved has been counselled and put on administrative leave as he’s pending further investigation.

“We would like to assure the public that our staff will offer our full cooperation and compliance when rendering assistance to the authorities,” they said.

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