Lawyer Assaults Staff In Viral Video; We Transcribe The Entire Clip To Save Your Mobile Data

Full Video Transcript Of Office Fight Between Lawyer & Staff

To save everyone some data on their phones, we have transcribed the 6-min clip so you can follow what’s going on.

Here’s the video in full, uploaded on Facebook by Sure Boh Singapore on Friday (26 Apr).

Head over here for our detailed report about the case.

A slew of shocking CCTV videos have been uploaded on Friday (26 Apr), depicting a truly disturbing altercation in an office setting. Here’s the full transcript of the 6-min fight that has now gone viral.

Mr Samuel Seow (SS): She beat me!
Girl (G): What is your problem?! Stop it!

*Mr Seow pushes Girl aggressively.*

You beat me?! You dare to beat me?!
G: Stop it!
Man in black (MB): Boss, boss, boss

*Tries to hold back Mr Seow.*

Female colleague 1 (F1):
Sam, cool down.
SS: You dare to beat me?! You beat me?! You beat me?! You beat me?! How dare you beat me?! You beat me!

*Mr Seow slaps Girl.*

G: No I (incoherent) stop it!
SS: You beat me! What!

*Mr Seow & Girl hit each other repeatedly.*
*3 female staff members (F2, F3, WW) rush in to see what the commotion is about. Woman in White (WW) steps up to confront Mr Seow.*

WW: What is it? Sam!
SS: She beat me eh!
G: He keep attacking me!
SS: I ask you…you cannot tell me what you said to me. What is happening? You beat me eh!
G: You are just finding fault with me!
SS: I’m (incoherent)…
WW: Sam!
SS: Stop pulling…me!
Other staff: Sam! Stop it!
G: …Anybody can find out…I no need to (incoherent)
SS: You shut (incoherent)
Other staff: Boss! Please Boss! Sam, cool down! Cool down!

*Man in white holds Mr Seow back.*

SS: Who’s holding me? What?!
Other staff: Stop it! Stop it ok!
SS: You know where he was. Then I said you just tell me where he was. Then you keep quiet.
Other staff: Stop it, cool down first.
SS: Why you cannot say anything? Why you cannot say anything? You tell me.
Other staff: Just cool down. Go go go and cool down okay.
SS: Stop it. (at staff holding him back)
Other staff: Sam, stop it!
SS: Why you cannot say anything! You answer now in front of everyone. You answer why you cannot say anything. Cause now I keep asking you. Why you don’t tell me. Why is it Sean, you know he go outside. Why you don’t say when I was asking where he was? Then you…
G: I already said because you’re calling and Daniel’s also checking.
SS: So if I call and Daniel’s checking, what’s the difference in you just saying “Oh by the way, wait I knew where he was. He was just outside.” But you don’t say. This whole time, you don’t want to say anything!
G: Someone said he’ll be back at 5.
SS: Tell me he’s downstairs. So I need to find out where he was. Because he’s already downstairs. This is your job. This is his job. Both of you don’t want to attend Now I got to attend this meeting. I’m just asking where he was. You knew exactly where he was, you don’t want to say. I ask, ask then you just keep quiet. You say I’m trying to find fault with you? I’m finding fault with you?!
G: I don’t know what you want to do to me, you want to destroy me is it!
SS: I just want to know where he was!
Other staff: Sam, stop it ah!

*Round 2 of fight begins.*

SS: Shout at me is it?!
Other staff: Boss boss…

*Staff try to break up fight between Mr Seow and Girl.*

G: You 不要脸! (Eng: You shameless!)
SS: You keep on holding on to me, you think you very smart is it?!
Other staff: You don’t hit me okay! Stop it!


Other staff: Better go downstairs. Sam you cool down can or not?

*Girl runs out. Woman in White (WW) confronts Mr Seow about his actions towards the girl.*

WW: This is a office not a fighting match okay!
SS: She beat me eh!
WW: You are a guy okay!
SS: I…to her?!
WW: You push her also like that!
SS: She keep beating me!
WW: Yes but then she is just a girl can you just stop it or not!
SS: If she knew where he was then why she purposely don’t want tell me?
WW: Yes if she’s wrong you can say her but then don’t do fighting here!
SS: She beat me eh, I didn’t beat her you understand or not!
WW: Okay, but you are pushing her. Enough!
SS: So what?
WW: Enough.
SS: So you want me to fight you now?!
WW: You…just enough.
SS: Stop touching me!
WW: And you stop touching me!

*Mr Seow confronts Woman in White directly, gesticulating in her face.*

SS: What?
WW: You just shut up you want to show everybody like that ah?

*Mr Seow shoves Woman in White onto the ground. All the staff gasp in horror.*

Colleagues: Sam, Sam, enough.
SS: No you want to go…you want to (inaudible) what you want?
WW: You think what? Now you think you very scary everybody scared of you is it?
SS: Yes!
WW: For what?
SS: Now you are doing what? She beat me and now you try to do this
Colleague: Sam…
WW: So you want me to beat her is it? You’re pushing her like that you know
Colleagues: Sam Sam Sam
WW: You cool down
SS: How (to) cool down you tell me? How (inaudible) you tell me to cool down?
WW: Don’t fight with me okay…I won’t scared of you okay!
SS: You not scared… (to colleague) she not scared, you better let go of me. (to WW) you not scared right?
Colleague: Hey hey boss boss boss boss…
WW: You want to fight right come! …you think what? Enough already okay.
Colleagues: Boss boss boss boss…
SS: Enough what? What did I do? What did I do? She beat me. She’s my own niece. She can’t beat me like this.
WW: But you’re beating her like that…
SS: I beat her like what?
WW: Are you hurt?
SS: Yes! Yes!
WW: She’s even worse. And you pushed me down to the floor. 你他妈的做这种东西! (Eng: You, what the hell, do this kind of thing!)
SS: 你先打我啊! (Eng: You hit me eh!)
WW: 我打你? 我叫你冷静下来啊! (Eng: I hit you? I told you to calm down.)
SS: 你要我冷静你不会跟我好好讲啊?! (Eng: You want me to calm down, you don’t know how to say nicely ah?!)
WW: 我已经好好跟你讲了你怎么样你一直 attack 她! (Eng: I already say nicely to you, what did you do, you still kept attacking her.)
SS: 我一直 attack 她? (Eng: I kept attacking her?)
SS: 她没有打回我? (Eng: You mean she never hit me back?)
WW: 她只可以反抗而已, 她会打你吗? (Eng: She can only retaliate to protect herself. She will beat you meh?)
SS: 她先打我你听不懂. (Eng: She hit me first you know or not?)
WW: 她先打你是她错. 可是你这样对她…万一她 打到头… (Eng: If she hit you first then she is in the wrong, but then you are also in the wrong! What if she hit her head? What would happen? She is your niece eh!)
SS: 她对她对! 看不到啊? (Eng: Then she is correct for treating me like that ah?! You didn’t see how she treated me ah?!)
Colleague: Breathe, enough Sam.
WW: 你为什么要做到这个样子? (Eng: Why do you have to do until like this?)
SS: 你什么意思? 我做到怎样你说? 我做到怎样? (Eng: What you mean?! I do until like how you say?! What I do?! What I do?!)
WW: 你做到连你的 niece 都打. (Eng: You do until you even beat your niece!)
SS: 她先打我你听不懂啊? 你听不懂她先打我吗? (Eng: She hit me eh you don’t understand ah?! You don’t understand ah?!)
Colleagues: Okay, okay. Cool down, cool down. Enough, enough.
SS: Why are you adding to this whole thing?
WW: She also…doesn’t deserve to do anything like that.
SS: She never beat me? 她没有打我? (Eng: She never beat me?)…Why you keep…你跟我这样久… 你什么意思? (Eng: You follow me for so long, what do you mean?)
WW: 你说多一次! (Eng: You say that one more time!)
Colleagues: Breathe, Sam. Sit down, down.

WW exits scene. SS heads to the table surrounded by colleagues.

Featured image from Sure Boh Singapore on Facebook.

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