Countries Speak Out In Solidarity & Support For Beirut

Update (7.26pm, 20 Aug): A previous version of this article included a picture of the Lebanese flag on a pyramid in Egypt.

Subsequent fact-checking revealed that the picture was actually doctored.

The article has been updated to reflect the latest changes.

Shards of glass blanketed the roads, ambulances inched their way through heavy traffic in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion.

Beirut Explosion Kills 78, Buildings 10km Away Damaged By Shockwaves

In the wee hours of Wednesday (5 Aug), the Lebanese capital of Beirut was rocked by 2 massive explosions.


As netizens mourn those who tragically lost their lives, leaders across the globe have also reached out in solidarity and offered support to Lebanon during these trying times.

Skyscraper lights up with Lebanon flag in solidarity

The tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai lit up with the Lebanon flag.

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Folks from Burj Khalifa expressed that it was lighting up in solidarity with their “brothers and sisters” in Lebanon.


A building in Tel Aviv, Israel, also pledged their solidarity with Lebanon by shining the Lebanese flag on its facade.


World leaders offer aid in solidarity with Lebanon

Many world leaders also took to social media to convey their condolences.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) offered thoughts and prayers for the people, saying that the UK was prepared to “provide support in any way”.

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Across the pond, US President Donald Trump also said that “The United States stands ready to assist Lebanon”.


Malaysia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hishammuddin Hussein echoed similar sentiments, offering support and help to Lebanon.

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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expressed their sympathies to the victims of the Beirut tragedy.


France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Iraq, and Iran are also in the long list of countries that had spoken out about the bombing and offered aid.

Beirut hospitals overwhelmed

Be it close allies or traditional adversaries of Lebanon, countries have come forward to pay tribute to the victims and offer help to the country.

Even Israel, which Lebanon is technically still at war with has apparently offered humanitarian aid.

There’s no good time for such terror to strike, but for Beirut, it’s hard to imagine a worse time than this.

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With Covid-19 infections still on the rise, hospitals were already struggling to cope.

Now, hospitals are reportedly faced with thousands of injuries and are still expecting more in the aftermath of the blasts.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Lebanon

With homes destroyed and lives lost, the shockwaves of the Beirut explosion extend way beyond what we can imagine.

This man-made catastrophe appears to be one that could have been avoided. We hope the Lebanese government will bring those responsible to justice.

Our hearts ache for the people of Lebanon and our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook.