Lee Hsien Yang Neither Confirms Nor Denies Running For GE2020 As New PSP Member In Video

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Lee Hsien Yang Addresses Singaporeans In PSP Video, Doesn’t Confirm He’s Running For GE2020

Lee Hsien Yang, enemy of his brother Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and newly-minted Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member, appeared in a video greeting Singaporeans today (24 Jun).

However, he didn’t answer a burning question — that is, whether the Lee sibling will run in the General Elections as a candidate.

In the nearly 2-minute video, Mr Lee gave 3 points for Singaporeans to think about for GE2020, and threw his support behind the opposition party led by Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

PAP ‘has lost its way’

The PAP has lost its way, Mr Lee remarks dramatically as his 1st point.

This message is one that’s been repeated often, dating as far back as 2016 by Dr Lee Wei Ling.

The PAP isn’t the same as it used to be under LKY, Mr Lee said, saying that the current government is vastly different from before.


Interestingly, Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said the same about Dr Tan Cheng Bock.

Singaporeans can vote opposition and still be loyal

Mr Lee had another point to make about voting as a Singaporean, and that not voting for the PAP doesn’t make one less loyal to Singapore.

We can be proud of what Singapore has accomplished and still not vote PAP, he said.

Much has been made of whether being critical of Singapore means being loyal or not in recent times, notably when Dr Tan Wu Meng asked Pritam Singh about Alfian Sa’at.

Contributing to PSP

One can contribute to PSP in many different ways, as Mr Lee alluded to in his introduction as a party member.


For example, you can be a volunteer and help out with being a polling agent.

The PSP is also looking for donations to aid their cause to becoming a representative in Parliament.

However, Mr Lee was mum about what exactly he will contribute to the PSP’s cause — appearing in campaign material seems to be one of these for now.

More to come from Lee Hsien Yang before Nomination Day

The PSP hasn’t yet revealed all its cards, having not announced which candidates will contest in the various places they’re eyeing.

Negotiations continue to rage on in the days leading up to Nomination Day, such as when the Reform Party (RP) ceded West Coast GRC to the PSP.

As for what Mr Lee will do, only time will tell. If he’s planning on running, he’s certainly being rather quiet about it. However, he has definitely thrown his support behind the PSP, and that much is a sign of where his allegiance lies.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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