Man Tries Paying With S$10 Lee Kuan Yew Coin, Leaves Cashiers Confused

Man Tries & Fails To Pay Using S$10 Commemorative Lee Kuan Yew Coin

Recently, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) minted a special S$10 coin to commemorate the 100th birth anniversary of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

While the coin is merely a keepsake, finance influencer Seth Wee decided to film himself trying to pay for purchases using it.


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His actions confused cashiers, some of whom rejected the money.

Netizens then wondered if the coin was legal tender, which it actually is, according to MAS.

Cashiers perplexed by Lee Kuan Yew coin

Those who received the special S$10 commemorative coins would have likely saved it as a valuable token.

The gold-coloured coins feature the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew — modern Singapore’s founding father — on one side, beside the city’s skyscrapers.

Source: MAS

While some may see sentimental value in it, ‘finfluencer’ Seth Wee decided to test the coin’s actual value. In a TikTok video on 17 Sep, he visited various stores and attempted to pay using the Lee Kuan Yew coin.

Source: @sethisfy on TikTok

Some counter staff showed immediate confusion upon laying their eyes on the coin, while others took it to inspect it in utter fascination.

Source: @sethisfy on TikTok

“S$10 Singapore ah?” one amused 7-Eleven cashier quipped, clearly only familiar with the amount in the form of the recognisable red banknote.

Source: @sethisfy on TikTok

Cashiers reject the coin

Unfortunately, the coin featuring the late Mr Lee found itself rejected by the cashiers. A supermarket cashier auntie studied it closely, asking, “What coin is this?” before going, “No lah, this one cannot.”

Source: @sethisfy on TikTok

The 7-Eleven cashier echoed her remarks, waving his arms dramatically in a crisscross motion as if to jokingly hammer the rejection home. The reaction had Seth chuckling as well.

Source: @sethisfy on TikTok

The friendly cashier then laughed and said it would help them get more views on TikTok.

Despite the rejections, everyone found the coin fascinating, exclaiming, “Very nice leh!” and, “First time I see [this].”

Source: @sethisfy on TikTok

Lee Kuan Yew coin can be used as legal tender

Viewers who saw the video were amused by the reactions, especially that of the animated 7-Eleven cashier whom one commenter praised as “a vibe”.

Source: TikTok

Others wondered if the commemorative coin could actually be used as a S$10 currency. Seth replied that it could, just that many don’t recognise the new coins.

Source: TikTok

The Lee Kuan Yew coins are indeed legal tender, according to the MAS.

Source: MAS

Given their limited nature, however, it might take a while to convince cashiers to accept them. If you plan on trying, perhaps have the MAS page on hand to prove your case.

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Featured image adapted from @sethisfy on TikTok.

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