Letterboxes Forcibly Pried Open, Incident Under Police Investigations

Some might find sending letters through mail a slower, outdated form of communication. But even till today, we receive many important documents through snail mail.

Hence, it was horrifying to residents living in Bukit Merah and Redhill to find out some of their letterboxes pried open.

Image courtesy of SingPost

On Tuesday (13 Oct), SingPost said in a Facebook post they were alerted to the incident at 9 blocks in Lengkok Bahru, Redhill Road, and Redhill Close.


SingPost immediately sent personnel down to the respective locations for inspection. Police investigations of the vandalism and theft are now underway.

Letterboxes at Redhill & Bukit Merah broken into

According to SingPost, they learnt that letterboxes at several locations were broken into this morning (13 Oct).

letterboxes broken intoBlocks 56 and 57 Lengkok Bahru were among the affected blocks

The affected locations include blocks:

  • 55, 56, 57, 58 and 59 Lengkok Bahru
  • 71 and 72 Redhill Road
  • 89 and 90 Redhill Close

At these blocks, letterboxes were found ajar. Thankfully, the master doors were still secure.

Letterboxes were likely broken into after postman left

After finding out about the incident, SingPost sent their staff to examine the damages.

Signs of tampering such as scratches and dents were seen on letterboxes, indicating they were forcibly pried open.

letterboxes broken intoImage courtesy of SingPost

SingPost’s internal checks confirmed that these were acts of vandalism and theft.

It was likely to have occurred after a postman had left the area at about 1pm on Monday (12 Oct).

Just nearby at Radin Mas, there have also been cases of people stealing Budget 2020 Grocery Vouchers from letterboxes.


We presume the letterboxes in Bukit Merah and Redhill could have been forcibly opened for the same reason.

SingPost staff will deliver mail to affected residents’ doorsteps

SingPost assures the public that all mail within affected letterboxes have since been retrieved.

letterboxes broken intoImage for illustration purposes only

They will now personally deliver mail to the units of affected residents. The police has also been informed and will assist SingPost in investigations.

Report any suspicious persons to police

This is not the first of such incidents and SingPost stresses that mail security is of great importance to them.

In such cases of letterbox theft or vandalism, they will not hesitate to inform the police about it. SingPost is also appealing to the public to report any suspicious activity or persons in the vicinity to the police.

In the meantime, you might want to keep a close eye on your mail. If you happen to pass by on your way to the lift, do look around for suspicious characters.

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Featured image courtesy of SingPost.