SingPost Revises Delivery Rates Ahead Of Holiday Peak Season

E-commerce has been all the rage in recent years.

From 9.9 to 10.10 and 11.11 sales, it almost seems as if e-commerce sites are perpetually having sales every other month.

In light of the surge in e-commerce volumes, SingPost is revising their delivery rates in a bid to stay competitive.


These changes take effect on 15 Oct and will see delivery rates lowering just in time for the end-of-year peak season.

This also means that those shopping from home can checkout without worrying about hefty shipping fees next month.

SingPost local deliveries will have flat rates

SingPost services have always aimed to improve efficiency for the convenience of Singaporeans. Now, they are looking to lower delivery rates.

The price revisions by SingPost will see more flat rates across the board.

Delivery rates for basic packages currently range between $0.90 and $3.50, depending on weight. With the new revision, all packages up to 2kg will cost a flat rate of $1.50.

For tracked packages, what cost between $3.20 to $4.80 will now be $3.

SingPost RatesSource

New flat rates for postage-paid packaging too

Postage-paid packaging will also see lower prices.

Poly mailers which cost between $2 to $2.90 will be revised to $2 for all items.

SmartPac packaging will see also see lower rates with the upper limit changing to $3.80 instead of $4.70. But the weight limit for SmartPac will be reduced from 3kg to 2kg.

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According to The Straits Times, all basic delivery services for packages will now be delivered within 2 working days, down from the previous standard 3 working days.

Changes to Speedpost domestic deliveries

There will also be changes to Speedpost, which provides doorstep delivery services.

The Speedpost Economy – service that delivers in 2 working days – for domestic deliveries will be discontinued.

But good news, Speedpost Standard which offers next-day delivery will now have a flat rate of $6 for parcels up to 30kg.

We learnt that there are no changes to the Speedpost Express service, which touts 2-hour delivery with rates between $15 and $25.

Speedpost international deliveries are also revised

International package services will be streamlined into 2 categories — basic (international) and registered (international).

You can see the comprehensive list of price changes in the table below:

SingPost Rates

Speedpost (international) will also undergo revisions.

The Speedpost Standard service will be discontinued. This leaves:

  • Speedpost Express
  • Speedpost Priority
  • Speedpost Economy — slower service delivered by sea.

Thankfully, the new changes includes free collection for all Speedpost services. Previously, the slower Speedpost Economy did not include this service.

Across all international services, the weight-step and country zones will go through revisions.

For more information, you can visit SingPost’s website here.

SingPost rate adjustments will lower costs for customers

According to The Straits Times, SingPost decided on the price adjustments due to the increase in package volumes from e-commerce.

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The changes in October are also in expectancy of the end-of-year peak season. So these improvements will provide cost savings and improved services for most customers.

Well, we certainly look forward to these lower delivery rates. For one, it’ll definitely ease our guilt when checking out of online stores.

Featured image adapted from SingPost.