This Altaria Plush Has Huge Fluffy Wings To Make You Feel Like You’re Sleeping On Clouds

Life-Sized Altaria Plush With Fluffy Wings Now Available For Pre-Order

During our childhood, many of us likely had a favourite plushie that would accompany us to sleep every night.

As we grow older, it may be harder to get a peaceful night’s sleep due to all the stresses of adulting that keep us up.

Now, there’s a brand new plushie in town that might just be able to help with that.

Pokémon has released a life-sized Altaria plush, with soft, fluffy wings that are made to be fallen asleep on.

Pre-orders for life-sized Altaria plush open on Pokémon Japan website

The new Altaria plush toy was recently unveiled on Japan’s Pokémon Center Online website.

It retails for S$543 (55,000 yen) and is measured at 96 x 131 x 90cm.

Due to its gigantic size, the plush weighs in at a considerable 6.5kg.

Pre-orders began last Friday (7 Oct) and are open until 7 Nov this year, with orders to be shipped out after mid-May next year.

While it is only officially available in Japan for now, it is likely to come to the Pokémon Center websites in the US, Canada, and the UK a few months later.

According to the Pokémon Global News Facebook page, it is expected to hit the Pokémon Center store at Jewel Changi as well.

Altaria latest in series of life-sized Pokémon plushies

Altaria is the latest in a long line of life-sized Pokémon plush toys, with Arcanine, Slowpoke, and Snorlax having been released in the past.

There’s even been a life-sized Spheal, which is as round and cuddly as you can imagine.

Since they don’t exist in real life, these mega cuddle buddies are the next best thing to owning an actual Pokémon.

For the uninitiated, Altaria is a Generation III Dragon/Flying Pokémon that evolves from Swablu.

The bird-like creature is known for its round, blue face and white, fluffy wings with feathers that resemble a cloud.

With its wings, the Altaria glides effortlessly through the skies and can put listeners in a trance with its singing.

Doze off easily on Altaria plush’s soft, fluffy wings

In a set of images on the website, a woman is shown resting blissfully on the Altaria’s cloud-like wings.

It seems to gaze down at the woman as if it’s watching over her while she sleeps.

In another image, it’s resting on a white bedside rug to show its height in comparison to the bed.

Other images show the plush being the ultimate companion, like watching her play the piano and listening attentively while she talks about her day.

Be on cloud nine every day with Altaria

As we patiently await the Altaria plush’s release here, we’re just going to get by on these adorable photos in the meantime.

Some may outgrow sleeping with plush toys as they get older, but if a lovable bird with clouds for wings can help you sleep better, more power to you.

Will you fly off with Altaria if it comes to our Pokémon store? Sound off in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from Pokémon Centre Online Japan.

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