Lor Ah Soo HDB Maisonette Has A Tall, Curved Library That Forms A Cosy Corner

In space-constrained Singapore, our home becomes a sanctuary we can retreat to whenever we need to get away from the crowds.

For a family staying in a HDB maisonette at Lor Ah Soo, their abode is all that and more, especially with an impressively tall library.


Designed with industrial elements and dark tones all around, the masterpiece by The Local INN.terior is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Here’s a peek at the house’s intricate features.

Lor Ah Soo home library spans across 2 floors

According to Qanvast who interviewed the homeowners, the maisonette is one of only several units in the area with a 5.5-metre-high ceiling stretching up to the second floor.


Building a bookcase to fit the nook nicely seemed like a challenging task at first, but the genius designer delivered.


Mirroring the curvature of the space exactly, the custom bookcase houses the family’s vast collection of books, as well as meaningful mementos.

Of course, the bookcase itself can’t span the entire 5.5-metre height due to safety reasons, but rustic bricks make up for that by covering the rest of the wall. That way, the library still constitutes for the super tall wall space there.


Under the cover of the night, and with soft lighting, the library might resemble the Citadel from Game of Thrones, where scholars or the Order of Maesters reside.


Of course, it far from matches the gargantuan size, but the sense of grandeur is undeniable.

Industrial elements with dark tones

Perhaps an extension of the mystical atmosphere is seen in the rest of the home, with dark woods and black, powdered steel fittings.

Immediately upon entering, you’ll see touches of black everywhere, including the wire casings, window frames, and even the ceiling.


The unmissable metal hood over the stove makes the kitchen look like one out of a professional chef’s restaurant.

Right in front of it is a countertop, with high chairs that’ll make you feel like you’re sitting in a bar or teppanyaki restaurant.


Close by is the living room, with floor-to-ceiling glass doors which let tons of natural light in from the adjacent balcony.


Imagine just how boujee you’d feel reclining on the leather sofa while watching Netflix marathons.

Charming bedrooms are both classy & cosy

Walk up the stairs to the master bedroom, which has an exposed brick wall and pseduo walk-in wardrobe next to it.


While you should be admiring yourself in the mirror, the bathroom window gives a good reason to look elsewhere for a change, as it looks out to the majestic library one floor below.


And yes, we noticed the aircon there too.

The toilet itself with the toilet bowl and shower area are right by the room door, so chiong-ing to quell your urge to pee won’t be a problem.


An inspired take on a modern home

Turning a typical HDB unit into this majestic home, the designer’s creative take is certainly awe-inspiring.

Kudos to Mr Vincent Tan from The Local INN.terior for the astounding transformation.

To see more of their projects, you can visit the firm’s website here.

We hope the family has fallen in love with their home, and will continue to appreciate it for years to come.

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Featured image adapted from The Local INN.terior.