Lost Beagle Last Seen In Sentosa, Owner Appeals For Help To Bring Her Home

Beagle Puppy Runs Off At Sentosa On 12 Jun, Owner Appeals For Help

There is the family we are born into and the family we choose. And oftentimes, pets come into our lives and become a part of our chosen family, beloved just like every other member.

So when furkids go missing, owners will go to great lengths to locate them.

On Monday (13 Jun), Ms Regine took to Facebook group Lost and Found pets in Singapore to appeal for help after her one-year-old beagle puppy, Lady, went missing a day earlier.

Source: Regine Cwt on Facebook

Ms Regine explained that Lady had been spooked by the fireworks at Sentosa and ran off when the harness clasp broke.

The pup was last seen in the Siloso Beach area.

Owner appeals for help to find lost beagle

On Sunday evening (12 Jun), Ms Regine was with her beagle pup Lady at Sentosa when fireworks went off at the beach. Startled, the dog ran off.

Ms Regine explained that Lady’s harness clasp, which was brand new, had come undone, allowing her to run away.

Lady is now without her harness but still has her beaded necklace on.

Source: Hilda Chia on Facebook

According to Ms Regine’s Facebook post, Lady was last seen near Trapizza along Siloso Beach Walk. However, a witness claimed she later ran into the bushes nearby and disappeared.

That same day, Ms Regine and her family went to the area and spent hours shouting for Lady, but to no avail.

Later during the wee hours of the morning, she put up a Facebook post appealing for help to find her beagle.

lost beagle sentosa

Source: Regine Cwt on Facebook

Providing tips on how to identify Lady, Ms Regine shared that the pup has a distinctive white patch on her back as well as several black spots on her underbelly area.

Image courtesy of Regine

The puppy also responds to the name “Lady”.

Search efforts continue

On Monday (13 Jun), the day after Lady went missing, her family went down to Sentosa at 3pm to begin their search again.

They were apparently informed that someone heard a bark at Siloso Road near the Imbiah Trail at 7pm. But despite looking for hours, they still could not find Lady and ended their search at midnight.

Ms Regine also shared a map of the areas that she and her family covered during their search.

Source: Regine Cwt on Facebook

Since her appeal, many people have gone down to help with the search, and their efforts are greatly appreciated by Ms Regine.

She added in the comments section that she has already informed the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and the Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) about her lost dog.

The Sentosa rangers are also in the know about Lady.

Family still searching for Lady

It’s now the third day since Lady went missing.

lost beagle sentosa

Image courtesy of Regine

The young beagle had run off without having her dinner on Sunday (12 Jun), leaving her family worried about her. They also miss her terribly.

While they have not spotted her yet, Ms Regine and her family refuse to give up and are now narrowing down search areas. They have also been bringing Lady’s favourite treats and toys with them in hopes of attracting her.

lost beagle sentosa

Image courtesy of Regine

Most of all, they wish to know if Lady is alive and safe.

Speaking to MS News, Ms Regine shared that her family is now in contact with an animal communicator to help find Lady.

Contact Ms Regine if you have information

When a pet goes missing, owners would understandably be overwhelmed with worry.

So if you happen to be in the Sentosa area, do keep a lookout for Lady and reach out to Regine via Facebook message here if you have any information.

Hopefully, with everyone’s help, Lady will soon be found and reunited safely with her pawrents.

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Featured image courtesy of Ms Regine and adapted from Sofitel Singapore.

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