P1 Student Gets Lost At Bendemeer MRT, Station Staff Helps Take Her To School

Bendemeer MRT Staff Helps Lost Student Find Her Way To School

Navigating Singapore’s public transport system can be daunting when you are new to it, especially for young children heading out on their own.

A Primary 1 (P1) student found herself quite lost recently when she was separated from her sister at Bendemeer MRT station on their way to school.

Fortunately, she sought help from station staff, who accompanied her all the way to her intended destination to ensure that she arrived safely.

station staff lost student

Source: SBS Transit Ltd on Facebook

The station staff has since received widespread praise for his kindness.

Primary school student loses her way at MRT station

Last Sunday (17 Sep), SBS Transit Ltd shared a story of how a station staff at Bendemeer MRT station helped a lost student find her way back to school.

station staff lost student

Source: SBS Transit Ltd on Facebook

It all started when six-year-old Gwen Tan lost sight of her older sister while they were heading to school from the station.

Although Gwen knew she had to alight at Mattar MRT station, she was unsure of how to reach St. Margaret’s Primary School from there.

She then approached an Assistant Station Manager named Muhammad Farhan bin Mohammad for help.

Once Mr Farhan confirmed with staff at Mattar MRT station that Gwen’s school was nearby, he decided to accompany the child to school as he did not want her to travel alone.

From Bendemeer, they took a ride to Mattar just a couple of stops away.

Along the way, Mr Farhan also soothed Gwen’s nerves by assuring her that she would soon be reunited with her sister.

Station staff & lost student run into teacher on the way to school

Once Mr Farhan and Gwen got off at Mattar MRT station, they began walking towards her school.

station staff lost student

Source: Google Maps

By coincidence, they ran into Gwen’s teacher near the school.

From there, Mr Farhan was able to hand Gwen over safely.

In their Facebook post, SBS Transit praised Mr Farhan for exemplifying its vision of service excellence and going the extra mile.

The company also reminded commuters to seek help from station staff if they are ever in need of help.

Station staff praised for going above & beyond

Mr Farhan’s act of kindness struck a chord with many Facebook users who showered him with praise.

One commenter thanked him for showing kindness towards “the little ones” and said he will be blessed.

station staff lost student

Source: Facebook

Another expressed gratitude to Mr Farhan for making Singapore safe and to SBS Transit for grooming ‘awesome’ staff like him.

Source: Facebook

One netizen agreed that MRT station staff go the extra mile, recalling an instance when a staff member at Bukit Panjang MRT station lent an umbrella to them and their sick daughter so they could cross the road to a clinic without getting wet.

station staff lost student

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, another Facebook user said Mr Farhan has inspired them to do better work.

Source: Facebook

Good to know help is within reach

Though the MRT is generally safe for commuters, it’s comforting to know that help is available should anyone need it.

In this case, we’re glad that Mr Farhan was around to help Gwen.

Kudos to him for stepping up to the plate and we hope his efforts are duly recognised and rewarded.

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Featured image adapted from SBS Transit Ltd on Facebook and Google Maps.

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