Reddit User Claims Overweight E-Scooter Fine Costs Close To $1,800

Most people think e-scooters look like this.


But some people have their own creative takes on what an e-scooter should look like.

The owner of a 27kg e-scooter may soon have to pay the price for exceeding Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) 20kg weight limit on e-scooters.

Lady charged $1,797.80 in fines for riding non-compliant e-scooter, of which $1,647.80 is in storage fees. from singapore

If what this Reddit user says is true, the amount that LTA is charging the woman concerned seems pretty steep.

There are 77 days between the date of impound (30 Jul) and the date of the interview (15 Oct). This means that storage charges alone will amount to $1, 647.80.

Add the flat towing fee of $150 and she will have to pay LTA a total of $1, 797.80.

That’s about half the median monthly salary of an average Singaporean.

Unclear circumstances surrounding the incident

No further details have been disclosed as to how her e-scooter was seized or if LTA communicated with her anytime between the date of impound and receipt of the letter.

Which leaves some burning questions for us to ask.

How did the LTA officers carry a weighing machine big enough to weigh a heavy scooter?


Imagine the lady being confronted with officers lugging that bulky thing along the footpath of Bedok North Road.

Assuming that this is the first letter she has received about her e-scooter, why did it take so long for LTA to reach out to her? 77 days is a long time to leave someone waiting.

Netizens infuriated by expensive charges

While some netizens questioned the woman’s motives for posting a photo of her letter online, most expressed displeasure with the charges that LTA has accumulated against her.


One Reddit user acknowledged the irresponsibility of e-scooter riders, but highlighted that what happened to the woman was unfair.

To be kept in the dark about her scooter that was taken away, only to be informed that she has been fined for additional costs, is too harsh a blow.


Another even pointed out how the price LTA charged for storage was way above market rate. With such high prices, the e-scooter should be given the best care and attention.

However, some users thought the woman deserved her punishment for committing the crime in the first place.


Since LTA has already informed the public of the weight limit on Personal Mobility Devices (PMD), she should have known that her e-scooter violated the guidelines.

Be informed of the guidelines to avoid getting fined

Whatever the verdict is on who’s in the wrong in this accident, we should all stay informed on regulations released by the authorities.


For more information on the rules and regulations on PMDs, visit LTA’s website here.

Do you think that the charges on the woman for her non-compliant PMD were fair? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured image from Reddit, Google Maps and Carousell.