LTA says ERP 2.0 offers more than current system, motorists argue that it’s not user-friendly

LTA explains that ERP 2.0 is necessary to replace current ageing system

The new ERP 2.0 system has been a hot topic of debate in Singapore of late, with motorists voicing their frustrations about the new on-board units’ (OBU) design.

On Wednesday (8 May), the Land Transport Authority (LTA) took to Facebook to reiterate the necessity of the new ERP system.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

LTA said that it had to replace the current system as it was reaching the end of its operational lifespan. In addition, ERP 2.0 reportedly offered more benefits that would be helpful for motorists.

Motorists, however, left comments maintaining their position that the new ERP system was not user-friendly.

LTA says ERP 2.0 is necessary due to current ageing system

In its Facebook post, LTA explained that it was challenging and expensive to continue the upkeep of an ageing system.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

“Parts of the IU or gantries may no longer be in production, and would require customised production or the use of less reliable substitutes,” it said.

In contrast, ERP 2.0 would help “facilitate congestion management”. This is in addition to the benefit of not requiring physical gantries.

“With better traffic data, we can enhance traffic flow of our roads,” LTA emphasised.

It also supported the option to implement distance-based charging in the future.

This, LTA said, would allow for an increase in Singapore’s total vehicle population while keeping congestion in check.

In addition, motorists would benefit from receiving more information, which includes real-time traffic incident updates. Furthermore, they would be able to pay for roadside parking and checkpoint tolls through the OBUs in the future.

“We will continue to take in feedback from motorists, workshops and dealers to further enhance the user experience for all motorists,” LTA stated.

Netizens say OBU is non-user-friendly

However, netizens pointed out that the OBU were not user-friendly despite the benefits that it brings to the table.

One user urged LTA to “go back to the drawing board”, criticising the OBU for comprising multiple components and its inability to withstand too much heat.

Source: Land Transport Authority on Facebook

Others pointed out that the new system was a downgrade, pointing to its non-friendly design.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, another Facebook user urged LTA to address drivers’ concerns, pointing out that they weren’t questioning the need to replace the existing system.

Source: Facebook

Instead, their unhappiness lies with the OBU’s design, which they claimed was “not practical” for some cars.

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