LTA officer dies while chasing errant motorcyclist, purportedly supposed to get married next month

LTA officer dies on duty, was chasing motorcyclist who allegedly refused to stop down SLE

A Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer has died in the line of duty.

Responding to queries from MS News, an LTA spokesman said the enforcement officer by the name of Mr Zdulfika Ahakasah was trying to stop an errant motorcyclist when the accident happened.

18 year old man arrested after the accident

The Singapore Police Force told MS News that the incident occurred at about 10.40am on 4 June.

“The police were alerted to an accident involving a motorcycle, two lorries and a van along SLE towards BKE near TPE exit,” it said.

An LTA enforcement officer, who was riding the motorcycle, was conveyed to the hospital where he subsequently died, it said.

An 18-year-old man, believed to be the rider the LTA officer was pursuing, was arrested for multiple offences.

These include failing to stop when ordered by an authorised officer, riding without a valid licence, possession of scheduled weapons, and suspected drug-related offences.

LTA officer crashes into kerb while chasing motorcyclist

On Tuesday (4 June), footage emerged on the Singapore roads Facebook page showing  the chain of events.

The video of the incident starts by showing the LTA officer on his motorcycle in close pursuit of the motorcyclist.

Source: Singapore roads accident.com新加坡公路意外网页 on Facebook

Both motorists swerve in front of an approaching lorry, before the motorcyclist the LTA officer had been chasing turns around a bend of a road divider.

Attempting to follow the motorcyclist, the officer similarly attempts to turn around the bend, but is unable to do so as cleanly.

Source: Singapore roads accident.com新加坡公路意外网页 on Facebook

The officer crashes into the kerb of the road divider, falling off the motorcycle and landing in the middle of the street.

Police officers seen in area

The video then moves on to show multiple vehicles parked in the area, including a police car with its lights blinking.

Source: Singapore roads accident.com新加坡公路意外网页 on Facebook

An image of the aftermath of the collision also circulated on the SGRoad Blocks/Traffic News Telegram channel.

Source: SGRoad Blocks/Traffic News on Telegram

The image showed scattered bits of debris on the road.

The officer was lying on the ground a few metres away from his motorcycle, with an individual crouched over him and presumably asking for help.

LTA said it is “deeply saddened” by the officer’s passing.

“He is a valued member of our enforcement team,” the spokesman added.

“LTA is working with the Traffic Police to thoroughly investigate the incident, and bring the motorcyclist involved to justice.”

A man who identified himself as the officer’s cousin shared a wedding invitation in the comments section of SG Road Vigilante – SGRV, adding that Mr Zdulfika was going to get married on July 27.

“Now he is gone,” he wrote.

Commander of Traffic Police, Senior Assistant Commissioner Daniel Tan described the incident as “a tragic loss of life of a fellow law enforcer who died while executing his duty to keep our roads safe”.

He added: “The Police will investigate this matter thoroughly, and ensure that those responsible will face the full brunt of the law.”

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Featured image adapted from Singapore roads accident.com新加坡公路意外网页 on Facebook and SGRoad Blocks/Traffic News on Telegram.

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