Jay Chou’s Favourite BBT Brand Machi Machi Will Likely Open In S’pore In Jan 2020, Says Ladyironchef

Jay Chou’s Favourite BBT Brand Machi Machi Is Famous For Their Cheese Foam Tea

Like every one of us, Mandopop star Jay Chou (周杰伦)has a favourite bubble tea brand. For him, that BBT store is Machi Machi.


Now, some of you might not be familiar with the brand, but die-hard Jay Chou fans will instantly recognise it from the singer’s music videos.


If you’ve longed to try BBT from the brand, here’s some good news.

According to food blogger Ladyironchef, Machi Machi will be arriving on our shores come Jan 2020, so Singaporeans will soon be able to have a taste of Jay Chou’s favourite boba brand.


Jay Chou to visit brand’s Singapore outlet before Jan concert

At press time, the exact location and date have not been disclosed.

However, Ladyironchef did reveal that the Machi Machi outlet will be located “somewhere unexpected yet centralised enough”.

The store will apparently take up a space of roughly 800 sq ft, and will not have a seating area.

Now here’s the good part.

According to sources close to Ladyironchef, Jay Chou himself will be making an appearance at the outlets days before his Singapore concert from 10-11 Jan 2020.


So if you’d like to see the Mandopop star in person, you know what to do.

Famous for their cheese foam tea

Hailing from Taiwan, Machi Machi is famous for their cheese foam tea. The brand is also dubbed the ‘God of Cheese Tea‘ by media outlets in Taiwan.


The bubble tea brand has not only made appearances in Jay Chou’s music video but can also be seen in many of his Instagram pictures.


Fellow stars like JJ Lin and Ashin have also been spotted patronising the brand.


The BBT brand has gained such a following among fans that scalpers recently raised drinks prices to over S$50 at the Shanghai outlet, featured in Chou’s MV “Won’t Cry”.


If it’s good enough for Jay Chou, it’s good enough for you

While not much information is known yet about Machi Machi’s store in Singapore, more details will likely be released in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re planning a visit.

Given that Jay Chou is from Taiwan, AKA the Mecca of all things bubble tea, he must know a thing or two about quality boba.

So if you’re in the vicinity of the store, why not give it a try? After all, if it’s good enough for Jay Chou, it’s good enough for you.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram

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