Realistic Mahjong Mooncakes By Fat Mart SG From $36/Box Of 16 Tiles

Those among us who can’t go one week without having the urge to mo pai – aka touch some mahjong tiles – will be mah-jorly impressed by these festive treats.


These realistic mahjong mooncakes look exactly like the real deal — perfect for wagering with your mahjong kakis during Mid-Autumn Festival gatherings.

Fat Mart SG – a local bakeshop – is offering snowskin mahjong mooncakes that look deceptively similar to the actual tiles in a variety of of flavours like red bean, taro & durian.

mahjong mooncake 1Source

If you grab a bundle for all your buddies and cousins, you’ll probably have enough pieces to play an actual game. Here’s how to get your hands on a complete set, just in time for MAF gatherings with the fam.

Mahjong mooncakes come stacked like actual tiles

Fat Mart’s mahjong mooncakes come neatly stacked in a golden case that emulates actual cases for tiles — only this time, they’re actually edible.

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Many of us are familiar with the feel of cool plastic mahjong tiles but you’ll find that this version is squishier than what you’re used to.

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Once you take a bite, you’ll find a rich bean or lotus paste filling.

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You can assure your health-conscious parents and relatives that a piece or too won’t hurt their diet, as these snacks are non-greasy and have low sugar content.

Assemble your edible tiles for winning combinations

We love how each tile is intricately designed with the exact characters — from North, South, East & West tiles to the ‘flower’ pieces.


No one will notice if you slip one of these tiles into the mix when you shuffle the tiles. Just try not to drop them carelessly so your friends won’t discover your deception.

Competitive players can also hoard several boxes to get all the tiles they need in their arsenal.


Although we predict your siblings will steal your tile of choice from the fridge before the game even begins.

$36 for 16 realistic mahjong mooncake tiles

Just like in a real game, you’ll have to assemble your own winning flavour combination for each pack of 16 tiled mooncakes.


We spotted at least 4 popular variants of the filling:

  1. Red Bean
  2. Pandan with Lotus Paste
  3. Taro with Lotus Paste
  4. Durian with Lotus Paste

Each set of 16 ’tiles’ is going for $36. Patrons can select either a mix of Red Bean & Pandan or Red Bean & Taro or Durian set, according to Fat Mart SG’s page.

Interested shoppers can check out their online store and Facebook page to find out more.

An unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival mahjong jio

As we celebrate the spirit of reunion this Mid-Autumn Festival, we’re sure a set of edible mahjong tiles will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones who’ve been by your side this 2020.

Thanks to these treats, you can binge on elusive tiles and get the secret ingredient you need to finally beat your buddies.

Most of all, MS News wishes everyone a blissful reunion this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Are you interested in these mahjong mooncakes? Let us know in the comments.

Featured image from Facebook and Fat Mart SG.