Mahjong Nail Stickers Have Every Suit In The Game

Some people just can’t get through their week without getting their hands on mahjong tiles.

If you’re one of them, here’s a solution that will help put your mahjong cravings in check.


With these mahjong-inspired nail stickers, you’ll be able to have those tiles on your fingers  24/7. Talk about a mahjong-ception (session).


Here’s how it looks from another angle.


Have all 10 fingers done and you’ll just be 4 tiles away from your shi-san yao. Perhaps that’s where your toes come into play.


Every suit’s included

Every suit in the game’s represented, so putting together that man-tai combination is going to be a piece of cake.


That said, it appears each sticker pack contains just 1 of the 4 suits, so you’d have to buy all 4 packets to complete the collection.


Get them from Colour Nail Yien

These mahjong-inspired nail stickers were recently released by Color Nail Yien — a Malaysia-based beauty retailer.

In addition to the mahjong nail stickers, other innovative nail designs are also available.

These adorable 3D nail art designs are perfect to display your support for the Year of the Pig.


Also check out these intricate maneki-neko inspired designs that are rumored to bring prosperity to its wearer.


We’ve reached out to Colour Nail Yien for more information regarding these products.

Chio fingernails for the festive season

Meanwhile, if you’re more angmoh pai when it comes to your gambling style, how about these poker card nail designs instead?


With luck, your gambling kakis will be in a more generous mood after receiving these unique nail designs.

Only one thing left to do — prepare your bank account for some incoming cheques from your friends.

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