Mahjong Dessert Comes In The Shi San Yao Combination

Late-night mahjong sessions can get pretty draining. Very often, supper immediately comes to mind with the last hu(胡)of the game.

But what if your mahjong tiles are edible? Wouldn’t that be great?

Snackshot, a café in Vancouver Canada has realistic mahjong tile agar agar and edible money that will surely cause mahjong fans to go into a frenzy.


Mahjong tile agar agar

If you’re not familiar with agar agar, these edible mahjong tiles are basically jellies bursting with coconut flavours.


Dip those mahjong tiles into Snackshot’s specially concocted red bean sauce to add that tinge of savouriness.


The dish comes in the legendary shi san yao (十三幺) combination — the winning hand many of us can only dream of having.


Guess what comes next after winning? Collecting money from the other players of course, and the folks from Snackshot have that covered as well.

Made of rice paper, these notes come in both USD and HKD which is truly the perfect way to end the dessert.


Snackshot’s mahjong dessert will cost you S$19 (CAD$19), and is suitable for sharing among a small group.


S$19 only, win one man tai (满台) can cover already.

Only 15 desserts per day

For atas Singaporeans who can afford a trip to Canada, definitely add Snackshot to your itinerary.

Location: Snackshot 糖百府
7980 Granville Street, Vancouver, BP V6P, Canada 
Opening hours:
3pm-12am daily

Do note that the dessert is only limited to 15 servings per day. So if you’re keen on going it a try, better head down early!

Featured image from Instagram