Rescuers find male koala holding & hugging deceased female by a tree in Australia

Male koala hugs deceased female in Australia

Rescuers in Australia found a male koala hugging a deceased female during a recent operation.

They managed to capture the moving scene on video, which they shared on their group’s Facebook page.

Source: Koala Rescue on Facebook

The scene touched the hearts of viewers, many of whom expressed pity for the creatures.

Koala seen holding & hugging deceased

On Saturday (24 Feb), Koala Rescue — a volunteer animal rescue service in Australia — shared about a heartbreaking incident involving a male and female koala via a Facebook reel.

According to the group, a member of the public had called to report the discovery of a koala at the base of a tree. The animal wasn’t alone as another koala was there too.

Upon arriving at the location, rescuers found the deceased female koala in the arms of a male.

Source: Koala Rescue on Facebook

The latter appeared to be holding and hugging the former, much like a human holding a loved one dearly.

Rescuers claimed that they rarely witness such behaviour. However, “it confirms the empathetic and caring nature of koalas”.

Male koala released nearby

After ensuring that the male koala was fine, Koala Rescue released him nearby. The group also retrieved the female’s body.

The group thanked Ms Daniella and her daughter who alerted it to the scene and stayed with both koalas until rescuers arrived.

The mother-daughter pair have apparently been caring for the koalas on the property for some time, as they often pass through it.

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Featured image adapted from Koala Rescue on Facebook.

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