Man In M’sia Allegedly Eats At Haidilao 764 Times In 3 Years, Doctors Warn Of Health Risks

Man In Malaysia Allegedly Eats At Haidilao A Staggering 764 Times In 3 Years

Steamboat chain Haidilao, which has spawned numerous outlets in Singapore over recent years, is known not just for its extensive menu, but also for its excellent service.

While most of us might only frequent it for special occasions, a man in Malaysia allegedly patronised the restaurant a staggering 764 times over a three-year period.

Source: Haidilao Malaysia on Facebook

Doctors, however, have advised against eating hotpot excessively, pointing out that it might lead to increased health risks.

Man allegedly patronised Haidilao 764 times in 3 years

Earlier this week, reports emerged about a woman in China who reportedly dined at Haidilao 627 times over a period of nine years.

According to Sin Chew Daily, the woman spent nearly RM175,000 (S$50,157) on the meals. There was even a week when she patronised Haidilao 12 times.

Turns out, someone else in Malaysia had an even more staggering record.

A man in Malaysia subsequently responded to the news, tagging his friend who’s supposedly an even more ‘dedicated’ Haidilao fan.

Source: Facebook

According to the screenshot, Chea — the Haidilao fan from Malaysia — had allegedly patronised the steamboat chain 764 times in just three years.

He also holds a Black Sea membership — the highest available at the chain.

Source: Facebook

The friend subsequently shared another picture, apparently taken two weeks prior, indicating that Chea had patronised Haidilao 754 times.

Source: Facebook

If true, this meant that Chea patronised Haidilao 10 times over the 14 days separating the two pictures.

Doctors advise against eating hotpot frequently

However, doctors have advised against eating hotpot that frequently, due to the associated health risks.

Dr Chen Jieyu (transliterated from Chinese), a cardiologist from Taipei, said diners should refrain from eating hotpot more than four times a week.

He explained that diners who consume hotpot excessively are at higher risk of developing high cholesterol due to the caloric nature of the delicacy.

Diners with a family history of gout, high blood pressure, and heart disease are also at a higher risk of developing such conditions.

In addition, Dr Chen said consuming drinks with a high sugar content, ice cream, or excessively spicy food and soup bases can result in dehydration.

He also shared that the sauces often consumed with hotpot are also caloric ‘landmines’.

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Featured image adapted from Haidilao Malaysia on Facebook and Sin Chew Daily

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