Man Tells Passenger On MRT Priority Seat To ‘Go Back M’sia’, Called Out For Crudeness

Man Tells Passenger To ‘Go Back To Malaysia’ For Taking MRT Priority Seat

While priority seats on the MRT are usually reserved for those who need them the most, it doesn’t give us the right to be rude to other passengers when they choose to sit there.

A man recently took offence when he saw a younger male passenger sitting on the priority seat on the MRT.


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He began shouting at him, even demanding him to “go back to Malaysia”.

The incident has become viral on TikTok, with many slamming the uncle for his needlessly provocative words.

Uncle shouts at passenger on priority seat to “go back to Malaysia”

The video of the fiery exchange on the MRT was posted to the @adminsgfollowsall Instagram account, and subsequently to TikTok on 24 Sep.

At the start of the footage, the man was already shouting at another passenger for sitting in the priority seat. He then asks if he’s Malaysian, to which the man replies, “What about Malaysians?”

priority seat malaysia

Source: @adminsgfollowsall on Instagram

The older man gestures furiously with his mobile phone, shouting, “Go back to your country la. Go back to Malaysia. Don’t earn Singapore currency.”

This causes the passenger to retaliate, goading the man to repeat his words.

priority seat malaysia

Source: @adminsgfollowsall on Instagram

The man then accuses the passenger of having no respect for the elderly.

Their dispute continues in a similar vein for a few seconds, with the younger man even challenging his accuser to hit him. The younger man also made it clear that no senior citizens needed the seat at the time.

priority seat malaysia

Source: @adminsgfollowsall on Instagram

Eventually, the passengers beside the men left the cabin.

Netizens call man out for inappropriate language

Needless to say, the incident didn’t sit well with netizens. Many called the older man out for his inappropriate choice of words.

After all, as a few users pointed out, he should not have brought their different nationalities into the discussion.

Source: TikTok

Commenting on financial disparities reflects worse on his character than on the passenger he verbally attacked.

Yet others noted that if there were no elderly individuals present, the passenger was within his rights to take the seat.

Source: TikTok

One user also had a rather humorous view of the situation, saying the uncle should stop putting up an act as he “weekend also go JB“.

Source: TikTok

All in all, the consensus among TikTok users was clear — creating such a scene against someone occupying the priority seat was unnecessary.

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Featured image adapted from @adminsgfollowsall on Instagram.

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