Mandai Nature Precinct Is A Mega 5-In-1 Safari, The Bird Park & Rainforest Park Open In 2020

Mandai Nature Precinct Will House 5 Massive Parks & Free Reservoir Boardwalk By 2022

Mandai Nature Precinct will soon house not one, but 5 massive nature & wildlife reserves, and a public reservoir nature trail in a few years.


We can look forward to a brand new Bird Park & Rainforest Park to open as early as 2020.

Along with Mandai Zoo, Night Safari & River Safari, the 5-in-1 precinct is an ambitious venture to create a multi-park experience for guests.


Though bidding goodbye to the OG Jurong Bird Park will be tough, we’re extremely excited about the tantalising details that have been released for the new exhibits, spanning hundreds of hectares of land.

Here’s what’s in-store for tourists and Singapore residents alike, come 2022.

Rainforest Park will have a wildlife care & rehab centre

An entirely new Rainforest Park is in the works — described as a “multi-generational living park” inspired by the tropical rainforest.

Visitors can expect an educational ride through interactive exhibits showcasing Singapore’s conservation efforts for flora & fauna in the region.


The Rainforest Park will also house an extension with a wildlife care centre for injured animals.

Staff and volunteers will help rehabilitate wild animals found by the public through necessary treatment within the new facility.


The South end of the Rainforest Park will be connected via an East Arrival Node which leads guests straight to the entrance of Mandai Zoo.

Banyan Tree eco-resorts opens in 2023

The lucrative eco-tourism industry is something that Singapore will be gunning to get into, with Mandai’s 5-in-1 park.

mandai natureImage from Mandai Park Holdings

Plans to launch a full-fledged Banyan Tree resort by 2023, next to the nature parks in the form of “eco-accomodation” for tourists are on the cards.

mandai natureImage from Mandai Park Holdings

We’ve covered the plans for the spaceship-like treehouses in depth here.

9 walk-in aviaries at a brand new Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park’s impending move to Mandai will mean the influx of 5,000 birds across hundreds of species becoming new residents.

Coined one of 5 new pillars in the Mandai Project, Singapore’s new Bird Park will have “naturalistic habitats” and enough space for interactive exhibits where birds are allowed to roam freely.


Here are the features that have been confirmed so far:

  • 9 globally themed walk-through aviaries
  • Conservation sanctuaries for endangered birds
  • Free-flying tropical birds
  • Waterside trail with roaming Caribbean flamingos

Free entry to public boardwalk & nature trails

Not every part of the new reserve will be ticketed either. A boardwalk offering panoramic views of the Night Safari, Zoo & River Safari will be open for public viewing at no cost.

mandai natureSource

Planned nature trails, heritage trails, playgrounds, boardwalks around the Mandai Reservoir are also in the works.

mandai natureSource

To ensure that wildlife can move freely between parks, an eco-bridge will also be built.

Shuttle buses from heartlands & MRT stations

Mandai is kinda ulu for most folks in Singapore. If you don’t own a car, it may be tricky getting there by public transport.

We can expect accessibility to improve once the Thomson-East Coast Line is launched in 2020.

mandai natureSource

Visitors can consider taking shuttle buses from Springleaf MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line and other heartland transport hubs around Singapore.

Living in harmony with nature

We hope that the new nature reserves & wildlife parks will be launched smoothly, with minimal impact on the natural habitats of animals living in the area.

After all, that’s the reason why wildlife reserves are established — to teach our future generations about the importance of living in harmony with nature.

Are you excited for the opening of Mandai’s massive nature precinct? Let us know in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Mandai Project.

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