McNuggets With Salted Egg Dip Is Now A Real Thing In McDonald’s Malaysia

McDonald’s Malaysia Released Fries With Salted Egg Sauce

Singapore has seen a slew of salted egg products from fish skin to bubble tea, and even salted egg xiang guo.

Not to mention McDonald’s own attempt at salted egg loaded fries in Singapore, earlier this January.

But it seems like the salted egg fever has hit our northern neighbours hard too.

McDonald’s Malaysia has just launched Salted Egg Yolk McNuggets Sauce and Loaded Fries drizzled with Salted Egg Sauce as part of an exciting slate of new releases.


Not sure about you, but we’re feeling salty AF.

Salted egg yolk invasion

McDonald’s Malaysia salted egg yolk products will hit stores on Friday (1 Mar), as part of a new promotion called Salted Egg Yolk Invasion.


Originally meant for McNuggets, adventurous fans should consider slathering the dip all over their fries, pies, burgers, and even sundaes.


Speaking of fries, McDonald’s Malaysia has also launched exclusive Loaded Fries that comes with salted egg sauce and crispy chicken bits — basically a zhnged-up version of the salted egg fries that launched in Singapore earlier this year.


McDonald’s Malaysia has yet to reveal the prices of these items and when the promo will end. But if you’re a die-hard salted egg lover, we’d expect you will chiong over to JB this weekend.

Time to head over the Causeway?

We’ve reached out to McDonald’s to enquire about the availability of the salted egg sauce here in Singapore.

Meanwhile, guess we’ll have to settle for McGriddles and the brand new Crispy Chicken instead!

Otherwise, you can always make the short trip over to JB for a taste of these salted egg nuggets and fries — for 1/3 of the price. In which case, do remember to tabao some back!

Featured image from McDonald’s Malaysia on YouTube and Fortune.

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