Instagram Page McSenget Keeps A Record Of Senget McDonald’s Burgers In Singapore

McDonald’s is arguably everyone’s go-to joint for fast food. With over 120 outlets found across the island, the brand serves around 1.2 million customers each week.


Even though they have perfected the franchising system, ensuring a consistent taste through thorough quality checks, there have been some hamburgers that slipped through the cracks.

The Instagram account, aptly called @mcsenget, keeps a record of sloppily assembled McDonald’s burgers found in Singapore.


They even hilariously listed their top 5 most senget burgers, as voted by their followers. Let’s check out which outlets are responsible for them.

Documenting senget McDonald’s burgers since 2016

Through their Instagram story highlights, they shared that they’ve been documenting their meetings with the fabled misaligned burger since 2016.


As of Apr, they’ve successfully recorded over 100 submissions. Most of which comes from their community, proving to us how these burgers are more common than you think.

Celebrating the 100th submission

In celebration of hitting the 100th burger milestone, the McSenget team polled their submissions so far to find the most precariously assembled burger.

Through the likes of each submission on the page, they announced the top 5 on Apr 18. The ranking is as follows:

 1. Sun Plaza

The Filet-O-Fish served by Sun Plaza’s McDonald’s outlet dominated the top spot with a whopping 632 votes.


It’s definitely the random cheese on the side for us.

2. Hillion Mall

The outlet at Hillion Mall won 336 votes.


Judging by how the cheese isn’t even on the burger, we’re surprised this didn’t claim the number 1 spot.

3. Marina Cove

The Marina Cove outlet, located at East Coast Park, amassed 175 votes.


We can truly appreciate this McDonald’s rendition of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

4. JEM

The west can boast these masterpieces that got 126 votes in the polls.


Two is better than one. Taylor Swift would be proud of this duo.

5. United Square

United Square’s outlet racked up 116 votes.


This burger poses more questions than answers.

Sembawang’s Sun Plaza voted 1st

As you can see from the list above, Sembawang’s Sun Plaza came out tops in the battle of the most senget burger in Singapore, snagging 632 votes — a landslide victory.

The winning submission paints a puzzling picture. Normally, one would expect the slice of American cheese to be in between bun and fish fillet patty.

However, this radical burger features the slice of cheese on the side of the whole burger.

You can watch the full video below.

Chronicle your own orders

Although it may be upsetting to open up your McDonald’s orders to find it sloppily assembled but at least it came in.

When you’re making your next order at the fast food joint, it might be worth it to snap pictures of your own burgers if the stacking could use some improvement.

Here’s the IG page’s guide on how to showcase your McSenget.

Who knows, your submission could be Singapore’s Next Senget Burger.

And lastly, the Instagram page is in no way affiliated with the McDonald’s brand and it’s just a bit of satirical fun.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram