Family Seeks Medical Donations As Helper’s Incident Not Covered By Insurance

With the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, some among us continue to grapple with the difficulties of not being able to return home.

This was also an issue that Ms May Thu, a domestic helper from Myanmar who worked in Singapore, had to deal with.

Her distress regarding her plight allegedly caused her to jump from the 4th floor of a HDB flat. Thankfully, she survived the fall and is now recovering.

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To aid in her recovery process, her employers are trying to help pay the hefty hospital bills, but require some additional assistance.

On Wednesday (26 Aug), her employers appealed for medical donations to pay their helper’s hospital bills on Facebook. They are aiming to raise $100,000 to cover May Thu’s hospital bills.

You can read the full post here. We summarise her story below.

Helper jumped from 4th floor of Toa Payoh HDB

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, May Thu was unable to return home to Myanmar in April as promised, shared the OP.

The family thought it was possible she faced other worries, and empathised with her pain of waiting to go home.

Before the incident, she had also exhibited worrying behaviour like regularly crying or laughing. They also share that she had even tried to burn her passport at one point.

On Sunday (16 Aug), the family received news that Ms May Thu had jumped from the 4th floor of the maid agency’s dormitory that she was staying at.

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Thankfully, she survived the fall.

Family faces hefty hospital bill

Her previous employers shared that May Thu is still hospitalised but recovering well.

She has underwent multiple surgeries and is still unable to talk.

While the family is glad she survived the fall, the expensive medical fees are causing them some distress.

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As of Sunday (23 Aug), the bill stands at $81,319 and counting, with increasing charges daily.

Appeal for medical donations for helper

The family is appealing for medical donations for their helper as they do not have the financial capabilities to foot the large hospital bill.

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Their youngest son, who is still schooling shared on Facebook that his parents are hawkers while his brother is an office worker.

They are also unable to receive insurance payouts to help them with the bill as “self-injury or harm whether sane or insane” are not covered under the policy.

The maid agency has also denied all fiscal responsibilities even though May Thu was under their care at the time of the incident.

The family hopes to raise $100,000 and have raised $20,000 so far. You can help out by donating here.

We wish her a speedy recovery

It is hard to imagine the amount of emotional stress May Thu was in, but kudos to the family for chipping in to help their helper, regardless of the circumstances.

We wish her a speedy recovery and that the family manages to raise enough funds to aid them in paying the medical bills.

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