Melbourne International Comedy Festival Wants You To Prepare For “Lashings Of Laughter”

Every March, thousands of people, from around the world, flock to Australia to laugh their guts out at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF).

But what if you are low SES like us, and can’t afford to fly to Melbourne for the festival? Well, the folks at MICF have you covered.

Established in 1987, the world’s third-largest comedy fest will be holding a show in Singapore from 19-21 July.

This year’s edition is set to feature five handpicked performers from Australia, New Zealand and India.

Who are these comedians?

Let’s just say an Australian, an Indian, a Kiwi, and a Sri Lankan walked into a bar…

1. Dilruk Jayasinha

Image courtesy of MICF/Jim Lee

It has been scientifically proven that accountants are some of the world’s most boring people. If you’ve met one in real life, you would be inclined to agree with this finding.

Not this accountant though. Dilruk is special.

As “a curry-munching money cruncher”, he’s so successful at being funny that he now does sold-out performances across the world.

2. Nick Cody

Image courtesy of MICF/Jim Lee

Described as being “hilariously inappropriate”, it’s honestly a surprise that Nick was even let into our fine city.

But that’s okay, we’re glad he could make it. After headlining comedy clubs all around the globe, and featuring on an episode of Conan, we can safely say that Nick is pretty legit.

Here’s hoping that there weren’t any kids on his flight to Singapore.

3. Cal Wilson​

Image courtesy of MICF/Jim Lee

Cal calls herself a cat lady.

Yes, just like the one living in your HDB block.

She might be less fierce though. Known for being a bright and bubbly stand-up comedian, Cal’s universal comedy incorporates stories from her audiences around the world.

Having annoying kids might be a part of the human condition, after all.

4. Mel Buttle

Image courtesy of MICF/Jim Lee

With one of the lowest birth-rates in the world, Mel Buttle might actually be describing the sex lives of Singaporeans.

Rapidly on the rise in Australia, Mel has multiple television shows, stand-up performances and newspaper columns.

Big shot lah.

5. Rahul Subramanian

Image courtesy of MICF/Jim Lee

Off the heels of one of these break-ups, Rahul decided to move on by doing what “any other Indian man with a lot of time in his hand” does.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

He then broke up with that as well and became a comedian.

The Mumbai-bred Tamil star is now widely known around India for his YouTube videos and his stand-up shows.

A night of sheer hilarity

Performances begin at 8.30pm, at the KC Arts Centre.


That’s a mere 7 minutes by foot from Fort Canning MRT station.


A bus stop (‘Aft Unity St’) also services the theatre.

You could even grab a drink or two at Clarke Quay before the show. Just don’t toh.

Tickets cost $59, $62 or $69 respectively, and you can get them online at SISTIC.

1 ticket, covers all 5 performances from these talented comedians — a pretty good deal, if you ask us.

So be sure to jio all your friends early, for an unforgettable night out that will surely have you leaving the theatre in stitches.

Featured image courtesy of MICF/Jim Lee.