$330 Wedding Cake Melts Due To Hot Weather, Bakery Apologises

UPDATE (7 Sep): The owner of Sugary Kneads Co. clarified that she has given the bride a full refund. Article has been updated with her full response below.

A wedding is supposed to be a couple’s special day, and one would want a wedding cake to match the occasion.

However, a wedding cake provided did not live up to a bridesmaid’s expectations as it arrived melted and misshapen.

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The baker has since apologised to the bride.

Cookie wedding cake melted

The original poster (OP), who was a bridesmaid at the wedding, posted on Facebook regarding her best friend’s cake. It was a cookie cake, and the baker had supplied an image that looked like this.

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They hadn’t expected the cake to look the same but what arrived instead turned out to be below what was expected.

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Not only that, but it arrived later than scheduled as well — according to the OP, it apparently arrived later than 12.30pm, which was when people were occupying the area to take pictures.

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Bridesmaid disappointed at cake’s quality, bakery said to contact owner

The OP, a bridesmaid at the wedding, expressed her disappointment at the cake’s quality.

Upon hearing this, the person assembling the cake allegedly said they’d remove the cake that very instant and provide a full refund.

The OP said she wasn’t the bride and didn’t have the right to cancel the cake-cutting ceremony.

However, the people were already leaving.

Chasing after them, the OP asked how to resolve the issue, to which she got the reply for the bride to liaise with the owner directly. And then they were gone.

Allegedly given partial refund

Attempts to reach the owner via the number provided that day were unsuccessful, the OP said.

And in the end, they received $70 out of the $330 as the rest of the amount would go into the work the bakers put into it, plus the ingredients.

In an update to the post, the OP alleged that the baker told the bride the following:

  • they will be using a strong whip for buttercream so that it will hold for a long period of time at room temperature
  • they will use clear acetate to support cake all around

The seller has also requested the OP to remove the post on Facebook as she is receiving harassment. As of the time of writing, the post is still online.

The OP left a final note, asking others to do their due diligence before engaging anyone for bakers.

Seller apologised & offered full refund

The bakery in question – Sugary Kneads Co – has posted an apology on Instagram following the incident, saying that the cake melted due to hot weather.

Image from Instagram

The bakery hopes for the ‘unnecessary harassment’ and ‘fake accusations’ to stop.

Speaking to MS News, the bakery owner clarified that she has fully refunded the couple and has texted the bride regarding the matter.

She added that she did not promise that the cake would resemble the one in the picture sent to the bride. Instead, she said the picture was used for the bride’s reference with regard to the lace piping and flowers.

Image courtesy of bakery owner

“We said the cookie cake will look like a cake, not that it would look exactly like the one in the picture,” she said.

Image courtesy of bakery owner

Bakery tells her side of the story on the day of the wedding

On the day of the wedding, the bakery owner said her team arrived at 12.30pm sharp.

Once she received feedback that the cake was “poorly made”, the bakery owner said they offered the option to take the cake back and give a full refund on the spot.

“But the OP (bridesmaid) said, ‘It’s okay. Later I talk to you’,” she clarified.

“I also told them there were minor adjustments to the cake as I couldn’t do the lace piping. I was worried it would melt right off the cake.

“It’s my fault, I didn’t explain this clearly to her. I apologise,” she expressed.

The bakery owner also wondered why the bride and the OP (bridesmaid) did not agree to let her take the cake back on the day itself so that they could process a full refund then and there.

She added that the back and forth in the communication on that day was confusing because, on one hand, she was told that the person she was dealing with – i.e. the OP (bridesmaid) – wasn’t the one who ordered the cake.

On the other, the bakery owner was directed to this same person for the assembly of the cake. “I didn’t know who was who. I was texting the bride all this while, but it was her bridesmaid who was replying to me.”

Mistakes do happen

Although having things be below expectations for a wedding can indeed be disappointing, the bakery has apologised.

We hope that all parties can find an amicable solution to the incident that’ll leave everyone satisfied.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.