ComfortDelGro Posts About Taxi Used For Wedding, Netizens Applaud Cost-Saving Measure

When we think of a wedding, we may gravitate towards renting a limousine or some other flashy car to pick up the couple, but that can be rather expensive.

A taxi driver decided to lend his Hyundai Ioniq to his niece for the special occasion instead, and created a cool story in the process.


Mr Abdul Aziz Bin Talibak said he thought the act would help his niece and her husband save on their wedding expenses.


Thankfully, he got approval from LTA and the taxi company, adding a sweet local touch to the wedding.

Cabby lends taxi to niece for her wedding

Ms Syarinah Sani was preparing for her wedding in Mar when her uncle, Mr Aziz, came up with an idea.

He’d lend her his taxi, a Hyundai Ioniq registered with ComfortDelGro, and in the process she won’t have to rent a luxury car.

Mr Aziz told ComfortDelGro:

The taxi may not be a luxury car but it is only slightly over one year old, and still looks new.

The plan sounded great, but first, he’d have to seek permission.

Taxi company approves loan

On 12 Mar, Mr Aziz went to ComfortDelGro to ask for permission to use his cab for Ms Syarinah’s wedding.

ComfortDelGro in turn wrote to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), which would give final approval.

The approval came through that same day, on the evening.

With permission granted, the plan could finally be put in place.

Cabby paid for wedding decorations out of own pocket

On the day of the wedding, the taxi was laced in wedding decorations — certainly not a sight we see everyday.


To top things off, Mr Aziz even paid for the decorations out of his own pocket.

Ms Syarinah was surprised and thankful that her uncle went out of his way to help make her wedding such a success.


And ComfortDelGro, too, are happy that one of their taxis was used for such a joyous occasion.

Netizens applaud creativity

Those who saw the post were impressed by the ingenuity shown.

Most congratulated the couple on their wedding, and some also applauded the initiative in saving money by borrowing the taxi.


Others predicted that a precedent will be set where others also utilise a taxi for their wedding.


A day to remember

We’re sure that the couple will remember this wedding day for life thanks to Mr Aziz.

Who knows — we might see more unique vehicles at weddings in the future.

After all, compared to renting a supercar, using a humbler vehicle might even be for the best.

Congratulations to the couple on their successful wedding and kudos to Mr Aziz for his creativity.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.