National Crime Prevention Council Release Memes Informing People To Be Beware Of Scams

There has been a spike in the spate of scam cases over recent months. From phishing e-mails to people sliding into inboxes, scammers have found a way to go above and beyond in obtaining your deets.

They are, however, not the only ones who have upped their game.

The National Crime Prevention Council Singapore (NCPCS) has recently released their own playbook to help Singaporeans fight crime. Their new tools of trade — memes.

‘Hide The Pain’ Harold

A common bait touted by scammers is unrealistically high returns with low risks.


Before you commit to an investment, it is always good practice to check on the investment plan and verify the credentials of a company. Failing to do so and you may just end up like Harold, with all the pain in the world to hide.

Spongebob Squarepants

Another trick in the scammers’ playbook is The Money Mule. Sometimes also termed as ‘smurfer’, a money mule is someone who transfers money illegally on behalf of others.


Sometimes this can be done intentionally or unknowingly. The mule is then paid for the service of transferring this money.

The NCPCS’s choice of going with Spongebob could be alluding to how underpaid yellow sponges under the sea are.

Which is the real Thor

Phishing websites – like websites impersonating that of a legitimate company’s – have also been on the rise. These fake websites tend to look identical to the actual sites but come with a slightly varied URL.


Should victims input their personal details and PIN numbers to these websites, their information and money are at risk. Of course, one can trust NCPCS to pick out apt comparison images to convey this message of impersonation.

Hope memes will combat rise in scams

While the proliferation of scams is nowhere near abating, we hope netizens will stay alert and remind each other to not fall prey such scams.

Hopefully, these dang memes will also help spread awareness of such frauds too.

Don’t let your hard-earned finances go down the drain with the fake God of Thunder!

Featured images adapted from Facebook and Facebook.