Singapore Mint Releases 12 Mickey Mouse Gold Medallions Each With A Different Zodiac Animal

The Year Of The Rat is just around the corner, and with that comes new medallions and coins that collectors can add to their ‘treasure troves’.

Most notably, the Singapore Mint recently launched 12 Mickey Mouse gold medallions that feature the iconic Disney character posing with zodiac animals.


Here are some of our favourites.

1. Mickey Mouse posing with his rat friend

Given that 2020 is the Year of the Rat, this medallion featuring Mickey and his rodent friend will likely be the most popular.


Not sure what the pair are talking about, perhaps they’re devising a plan to steal your cheese? Ha ha ha.

2. Mickey Mouse is all-smiles with the ox

The Rat might have come in first after cunningly hitching a ride in the Ox’s ear during the Zodiac race. But all that animosity seem to have dissipated with time, as the pair appears to be all-smiles on this ox medallion.


3. Snake & mice can be best buds too

Rodents like mice are the natural preys of snakes. But since it’s going The Year Of The Rat, a representative of the serpent community has signed a 1-year peace treaty with their preys, or so we heard.


4. The GOAT cartoon character meets an actual goat

Mickey Mouse is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) as far as cartoon characters are concerned.

So what do you get when this GOAT comes face to face with an actual goat? A commemorative medallion that you have to get.


5. Mickey Mouse isn’t scared of no dragon

Most people would be terrified by the mere thought of coming face to face with a dragon — just ask Bilbo about his brief encounter with Smaug in The Hobbit 2.

Mickey Mouse isn’t like most of us — he doesn’t look the least bit intimated despite standing right next to the ferocious creature.


$20 each via Singapore Mint website

Though only 5 medallions are featured, there are 12 in total in the collection. You can check out their designs via the Singapore Mint website here.

With the current promotion, each medallion cost $20 but members can get them each with a $2 discount via the Singapore Mint online shop.


If you’re thinking of getting all 12 of them, consider getting them as a set for $225, which comes in a luxurious felt box to keep them free of dust.


Know anyone who’s a coin collector?

Now that Singapore Mint has collaborated with Mickey Mouse, we can’t help but wonder which cartoon characters are next in the pipeline. Peppa Pig? Bugs Bunny? We guess only time will tell.

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Mint