Wife Of Migrant Worker Who Died Of Heart Attack Thanks Singaporeans For Financial Help To Raise Her Children

Last Sunday (3 May), Nee Soon MP Louis Ng and local organisation ItsRainingRaincoats started an online campaign to help families of deceased Singapore migrant workers.

S’poreans Raise S$121,458 For Family Of Migrant Worker Who Passed Away At KTPH’s Stairwell

As of today (8 May), they have successfully exceeded their target of $150,000.

In a handwritten heartfelt letter, one of the beneficiaries expressed her sincere gratitude to people who contributed to the fund.


Wife has to take care of 2 kids & mother-in-law

Ms Sangeetha Sivasankar penned a letter of appreciation for Singaporeans, shared with us via MP Louis Ng’s Facebook post. It is written in both English and Sanskrit.


Her husband Mr Subbiah, who was working in Singapore, passed away due to a heart attack on 22 Apr, altering the family’s life forever.


His sudden death was a huge shock for Ms Sangeetha, causing her to “lose all hope”.


However, her desire to stay strong during this difficult period is evident in her beautiful writing, expressing the need to take care of her family even without her life partner.

This includes 2 children aged 3 and 7, and her mother-in-law, who lives with her in Pudukkottai, India.

Thanks Singaporeans for sincere support

Ms Sangeetha writes that she is extremely grateful to Singaporeans who donated to the Give.Asia campaign, ensuring she has sufficient funds to support her family.


Beyond the financial assistance, Ms Sangeetha also shows appreciation to the people who are helping her get through this mourning period mentally.

She ends off the heartwarming letter with this poignant quote,

Because a small help can make a big difference in future of my life as well as my children life.

This shows us that a small act of compassion on our part can create an unimaginable impact on the lives of others.

Wife of another migrant worker wrote short thank you note too

Last night (7 May), Mr Louis Ng also shared another thank you note by Ms S. Banupriya.


Her husband Mr Suppiah, the sole breadwinner, also died in Singapore last April due to medical conditions.

In this short yet sincere note, she extends her sincere gratitude to Singaporeans who donated.


Wishing the families all the best

With their strong resilience, we sincerely hope the wives of deceased migrant workers will stay strong during this difficult period.

Though the Give.Asia campaign already exceeded their target, they are still accepting donations for Ms Sangeetha and other widows who suffered the same fate.

If you feel for them, do contribute even a small sum to help these families tide through such trying times.

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