Migrant Workers Help Man Who Falls Off Bicycle, Boon Lay Resident Buys Them BBT

Woman Buys BBT For Migrant Workers In Boon Lay

With the advent of camera phones, no bad or good deed goes unnoticed.

Recently, a group of migrant workers were spotted helping a man who fell off his bicycle near a busy interchange at Boon Lay.

A woman spotted this kind deed through her home window and decided to repay their kindness.


Grew up watching my mum did the same exact thing for our migrant workers 💕 #fypsg #sgtiktok

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Recalling how her mother did the same when she was younger, she bought the workers several cups of bubble tea as thanks.

The video has since amassed over 300K views and about 33K likes in 17 hours.

Migrant workers helped man who fell off bicycle at Boon Lay

On 23 Nov, TikTok user @sermangkok shared a video about her encounter with a group of kind migrant workers.

The start of the 40-second clip shows the OP watching the migrant workers performing some roadwork, carrying a long pipe in tandem.

Source: @sermangkok on TikTok

The scene then cuts to a few migrant workers picking up a bicycle. A caption reads, “Then someone fell off his bike, and they all scrambled to help him up.”

Source: @sermangkok on TikTok

Touched by the kind act, OP purchased 12 cups of bubble tea to show her love for their kindness.

Buys BBT to thank migrant workers, promotes more kind acts

With bubble tea in hand, the woman headed down and approached the migrant workers working in the hot sun.

The video shows her passing the bubble tea to the men, along with a caption promoting kind acts.

Source: @sermangkok on TikTok

The caption reads, “In a world where you can be absolutely anything, be a bad b*tch and spread kindness. Every act of kindness creates a ripple with no end.”

Source: @sermangkok on TikTok

Despite some in the TikTok community calling the OP out for filming her good deed, the video was well-received, with more positive comments than bad ones.

Someone’s day was made through the good deed

No matter which side of the fence you lie on when it comes to filming good deeds, it doesn’t take away from the fact that someone’s day was made.

In this case, it was the migrant workers who worked tirelessly to build our country.

To that, we wish more people would start performing kind acts, even if they don’t come with views or likes.

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Featured image adapted from @sermangkok on TikTok.

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