56-Year-Old Millionaire Takes China’s Gaokao Exams For 27th Time, Hopes To Study In Sichuan University

Self-Made Millionaire Takes China University Exams For 27th Time

Most would not look back on their academic days after graduating from school and kickstarting their professional careers.

However, a 56-year-old self-made millionaire in China, Liang Shi (transliterated from Mandarin), has not stopped trying to get into his dream university.

This year, he has challenged himself to take China’s National College Entrance Examination, aka ‘gaokao’, yet again.

This marks his 27th attempt at the examinations since 1983.

China millionaire takes university exams at 56, studies over 12 hours daily

According to Shangguan News, Mr Liang rose to riches after starting a private-hire business in the early 1990s.

However, despite his success, he has continued pursuing his dream of attending university, notably Sichuan University.

Source: 半岛都市报 via Shangguan News

The 56-year-old shared that he had a long hiatus after failing his first few ‘gaokao’ examinations due to age limit regulations in the past. He was not an exception — out of his class of 50, only four to five had made it to university.

Nevertheless, his desire to attend university was rekindled after the age limit was removed in 2001. Mr Liang said,

If I don’t make it into university, I think I will feel regretful in this lifetime.

His desire to have “an identity as a university student” and fulfilling his vision of  “wearing a white shirt daily, with two ball pens in (his) shirt pocket” has become his motivation to study, despite not enjoying reading.

In preparation for the exam, slated to take place today (7 June) and tomorrow, Mr Liang has been diligently studying in the courtyard of his friend’s teahouse.

Source: 半岛都市报 via Shangguan News

Like other students, his day consists of revising throughout the day. He would leave home at about 8am and only go home at about 10pm daily.

He has apparently kept this up for several months.

2023 examinations marks millionaire’s 27th attempt since 1983

This year’s attempt marks Mr Liang’s 27th one since 1983.

Chinese netizens have given Mr Liang the nickname “Liang 300” because his scores have consistently been in the 300 range, out of a total score of 750.

Many netizens have also accused Mr Liang’s gaokao attempts of being a publicity stunt. He has refuted these claims, noting that he has always treated his gaokao preparation seriously.

Source: 半岛都市报 via Shangguan News

He also shared his thoughts on the immense value of university education beyond the graduation certificate.

Shangguan News reported that Mr Liang had crossed the 400-mark range several times. He has even scored well enough to get into Tier 2 universities, scoring 469 in 2018 and 462 in 2019.

However, he decided to forgo his chance at entering those universities he was eligible for as he was set on attending Sichuan University.

Source: 半岛都市报 via Shangguan News

He was also previously admitted into Nanjing Forestry University in 1992, although he gave up the opportunity as he was dissatisfied with the outcome.

Mr Liang told Shangguan News that he reflected on his consistently substandard performance and found that he could not keep up with the number of questions and written workings needed in the science examinations.

Hoping to do better, he decided to switch to specialising in liberal arts last year. Unfortunately, he only scored 428 points in his attempt, according to Sohu.

Despite this, he will be completing the liberal arts test this year as well.

Source: Sohu

Mr Liang also shared that he has decided to put behind his stubborn desire to attend Sichuan University this year.

Nevertheless, he hopes to score well enough to get into a Tier 1 university in China but will consider Tier 2 universities as well.

Wife and son not supportive of his repeated attempts

In 2011, Mr Liang and his son sat for the ‘gaokao’. Unfortunately, Mr Liang failed the paper again while his son passed.

Mr Liang divulged that his son, who has already graduated with a Master’s Degree, was not very supportive of his endeavours.

In fact, both his son and wife object to his yearly appearance on local news for his gaokao attempts.

Nevertheless, Mr Liang perseveres to achieve his dream of studying at university.

Source: 半岛都市报 via Shangguan News

He proclaimed,

There is no deadline, I will surrender the day I can no longer write the rest, and will not give up before then!

That said, Mr Liang’s story is a timely reminder that age is just a number when it comes to fulfilling your dreams.

We wish him all the best in his attempt this year.

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Featured image adapted from 半岛都市报 via Shangguan News.

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