This Portable Mini Fridge Bag Keeps BBTs & Ice Cream Chilled For Marina Barrage Picnics

This Baseus Mini Fridge Bag Keeps BBTs & Ice Cream Chilled For Marina Barrage Picnics

Having outdoor picnics with BBTs and ice cream seems to be a challenge due to our city’s hot and humid weather.

However, this practical appliance may preserve our cool treats for as long as possible.

The Baseus portable mini refrigerator can keep food either warm or chilled for outdoor dining excursions. The convenient storage includes a small leather handle you can use to carry up to 8L of drinks or 8 cans at a time.


Here’s what you need to know about this nifty gadget.

Mini fridge bag

The Baseus portable mini fridge has dual heating and cooling functions. With its translucent window and small leather handle, it appears to be a backpack you can take for Marina Barrage picnics.

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The compact fridge is around 36 x 27.5 x 29 cm in size. It weighs around 3.5kg so you can use it to carry and keep your BBTs, ice cream, fruits, and food fresh and cool.

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For those who prefer hot kopi, you can even keep drinks warm for up to 65°C.

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Meanwhile, foodies who want to stay cooped indoors can place this on their desk or countertop. You’ll be able to work long hours and grab a chilled boba tea whenever you need a pick-me-up.


Energy-efficient fridge

No need to worry about desserts melting in the middle of your hangouts because this mini fridge bag is energy-efficient. The device has an output of 60W but only consumes around 1kWh for 24 hours.


You can power it up with a portable AC or DC compatible power bank if you feel it doesn’t have enough energy to last for a long trip.


Available on Lazada at $99

The Baseus Mini Fridge is around $99 on Lazada.

While it seems a bit pricey, it seems like a reasonable expense for locals who need their daily dose of sweet boba tea and milk tea ice cream. Plus, if your whole squad craves BBT, you can enjoy a fresh dose during hangouts at the Marina Barrage.

Foodies will definitely grab these immediately, so check out their product page as soon as possible.

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