Your Mobile Legends Rank Can Save You 50% At This Restaurant In Indonesia

Mobile Legends Players Of Mythical Glory Rank Get 50% Off

Mobile Legends players, tired of your parents nagging,

Play so much handphone games for what! Play already got rice to eat meh?

Well, it appears they may have to eat their own words.

That’s because an eatery in Indonesia is offering discounts to diners based on their Mobile Legends ranks. Yup, you heard ‘dat right.

Discounts based on Mobile Legends rank

Donburi Ichiya came up with this brilliant promotion. As its name suggests, the eatery serves up Japanese rice bowls, aka donburi.


The chain has 7 outlets, but this promotion is only valid at its Tunjungan Plaza 6 outlet in the city of Surabaya.

Inclusive promotion

Perhaps in the name of being inclusive, Mobile Legend players across all 8 ranks are eligible for the promotion. The higher your rank, the more generous the discounts.

These are the discounts awaiting Mobile Legends players when they dine at Donburi Ichiya:


  • Warrior: 10% off
  • Elite: 10% off
  • Master: 15% off
  • Grandmaster: 15% off
  • Epic: 20% off
  • Legend: 20% off
  • Mythic: 35% off
  • Mythical Glory: 50% off

One Mythical Glory diner posted his receipt, showing his 50% discount:


He was given a 136,363 Indonesian rupiah (IDR) discount – equivalent to S$12.88 – from his total bill of 272,725 IDR. That’s dining at half price right there.

Note the promotion’s terms and conditions:

  1. Customer(s) have to login to their Mobile Legends account to verify their rank(s).
  2. Discounts can only be used once per bill.
  3. Discounts cannot be combined with other promotions.

Visiting Surabaya?

If you’re planning a holiday to Surabaya this December holiday, why not pay Donburi Ichiya at Tunjungan Plaza 6 a visit?

After all, what better way to put those hours spent behind your handphone screen to good use?

Donburi Ichiya @ Tunjungan Plaza 

Address: Jalan Basuki Rahmat, Level 5, No 8 – 12, Tegalsari Surabaya

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm, daily

Contact Number: +62 31 99246747

Featured image from Instagram and Facebook

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