Indonesia Wants S’porean Tourists To Do Monkeypox Thermal Scans To Protect Their Citizens

Indonesia Installs Thermal Scanners To Monitor Monkeypox Symptoms

Just last week, Singapore saw its first case of monkeypox after a Nigerian man here was found carrying the disease.


On Wednesday (15 May), Indonesian authorities announced that thermal scanners have been installed at various seaports and airports in an attempt to prevent the spreading of the disease from Singapore.

These locations include popular tourist destinations like Batam and Pekanbaru.

Thermal scanners to check for monkeypox symptoms

These precautionary measures were implemented to check for monkeypox symptoms on visitors from Singapore.

Symptoms of monkeypox include fever, which the thermal scanners will help to detect.

According to an Indonesian spokesperson, “necessary measures will be taken” for those with signs of the disease.

As of the time of this article, the Indonesian authorities have yet to detect any cases of monkeypox or any other “dangerous disease”.

Indonesia has a lot of monkeys, like a lot.

Indonesia’s thermal scanner installation may be linked to its huge monkey population.

Monkeypox, as its name suggests, was first discovered in monkeys back in the 1950s.


Coincidentally, Indonesia is also home to one of the largest monkey populations in the world.


While online sources did not explicitly state that the virus can be transmitted from human to monkey, this can be assumed to be true. After all, the virus was first discovered on apes.

A bit of an exaggeration?

As scary as it sounds, monkeypox is reportedly less infectious than the common flu.

Singapore’s health authorities have also released a statement reassuring the public that those who came into close contact with the patient have been placed under quarantine.

Even though it may be in Indonesia’s interest to protect their native wildlife, as well as their citizens from the disease, are these measure a tad bit exaggerated?

Let us know down below.

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