Mosques To Reopen Gradually With Safe-Distancing Measures In Place

After nearly 3 months of closures, mosques in Singapore will be reopening when ‘Circuit Breaker’ measures start to ease come 2 Jun.

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However, the move will be done with caution, and only private worship will be allowed as we enter the first phase of life post-CB — Safe Re-opening.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (27 May), the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) outlined the reopening structure that it will be taking.


Mosques to reopen with limited opening hours from 2-7 Jun

According to MUIS, the reopening of mosques will be done gradually with “maximum precautionary measures” in place to prevent a 2nd wave of community cases.


From 2-7 Jun, mosques will only open from 1-6pm, with up to 5 private prayer zones.

Each zone will allow for 5 individuals, or 5 households – each with a maximum of 5 people – to conduct their prayers.

From 8 Jun, worshippers will be allowed to perform individual worships for the 5 daily prayers at most mosques.

That said, MUIS added that congregational prayers – which includes Friday prayers – will not be allowed during the Safe Re-opening phase.

MUIS also remind worshippers to take note of the following when visiting mosques:

  • Wear face masks
  • Bring personal prayer items like prayer mats
  • Avoid inter-mingling with one another, including handshakes
  • Avoid visiting mosque if feeling unwell.

Elderly and children should refrain from visiting

Due to the limited prayer space, MUIS urge the Muslim community to give priority to mobile workers who do not have a fixed workspace where they can perform their prayers.

These include delivery riders as well as taxi and personal hire vehicle drivers.

MUIS also advised the elderly to refrain from visiting mosques during this time for their own protection.

Mosques to implement safe-distancing measures

To ensure the safety of worshippers, mosques will be carrying out safe-distancing measures and demarcating worship spaces.

Temperature checks, as well as the SafeEntry system will also be implemented at these sites.

Temperature taking at Assyafaah Mosque back in February

Hence, visitors are advised to carry their identification documents with them.

Hope situation improves so worship sites can open fully soon

We’re heartened by the measures that will be put in place by mosques to safeguard worshippers’ safety.

While these measures might inconvenient visitors, we hope they will still abide by them for their own good.

For now, let’s hope the situation continues to improve so worship sites will be able to open up fully in the near future.

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