Motorcyclist’s Bike Clutch Cable Snaps, Friends Ride In Convoy To Safely Park Vehicle In Pioneer

Motorcyclists Ride In Convoy To Safely Escort Damaged Bike With Snapped Clutch Cable

Bikers often get a bad rep for their noisy hobbies. However, if we peer into their world, we’d learn that most are just regular folks.

In a now-viral video on TikTok, a group of motorcyclists were seen helping one of their friends when his bike’s clutch cable snapped mid-ride.

Source: rpmhazard on TikTok

Fearing for his safety, they decided to ride in a convoy to the closest parking lot to park the bike.

The act of brotherhood has since garnered ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ as netizens commended them for their friendship.

Rider’s bike’s clutch cable snapped while riding

At the start of the video, the OP was approaching a red light when he exclaimed, “Alamak, what happened?” as he saw some riders surrounding a bike.


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While some of the motorcyclists discussed over on one side, another rider mentioned that one of the bike’s clutch cables had snapped.

The motorcyclists then pulled over to the side of the road and discussed how they should proceed.

Source: rpmhazard on TikTok

Throwing out ideas, one of them suggested calling a tow truck. However, the owner of the bike seemingly shirked at the cost of the service.

Considering how dangerous it may be to ride in that state — without the ability to “disengage” the clutch — one rider suggested riding in convoy to the closest HDB block.

Source: rpmhazard on TikTok

Once they’ve arrived, the motorcyclist can leave his damaged bike there with peace of mind.

Riders ride in convoy to escort damaged bike to closest HDB

Still weighing up his options, the unlucky rider asked about the price of the towing service again.

One of the riders then replied, ” My tow is S$65″.

Hearing this, the unlucky rider tried to clarify by asking, ” Your tow… as in?”

Source: rpmhazard on TikTok

The group appeared stunned by the question before one of the riders quipped “His right big toe”.

They then laughed off the witty remark before embarking on a journey to the HDB block in Pioneer, riding closely together as a group.

Source: rpmhazard on TikTok

The video ends as they finally park the damaged bike in an open-air carpark.

Kampung spirit warms hearts of netizens

The wholesome moment captured the hearts of netizens as they commended the group for their kampung spirit.

Source: rpmhazard on TikTok

One netizen mentioned how rare it was to witness camaraderie like this, especially among strangers on the road.

Source: rpmhazard on TikTok

Even though they barely knew each other, they were willing to help one another, as the OP mentions here.

Source: rpmhazard on TikTok

It’s indeed heartwarming to see the riders helping one another despite being strangers. We hope the owner of the damaged rider got home safely that night and that was able to find an affordable fix for his broken clutch cable.

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Featured image adapted from rpmhazard on TikTok.

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