Selfless Motorcyclist Stops Traffic In Punggol To Help Frail Old Man Cross The Road

Motorcyclist Helps Old Man Cross Busy Punggol Junction

As exasperating as Singaporean motorists can be, there are some who are outstanding exceptions, like one motorcyclist in Punggol recently.

A video of him helping an old man cross the road received almost 1,000 shares on Facebook page We Are Majulah last Sunday (17 Nov).

The original poster’s identity is unknown, but we’re thankful he or she captured this heartwarming scene.

Motorcyclist stops to help old man in Punggol

Most of us who drive or ride bikes will typically wait patiently at the junction while the elderly take their time to cross.

While patience is a virtue, perhaps going the extra mile to show kindness could make a whole lot of difference.

A selfless motorcyclist decided to do just that when he saw an old man struggling to cross a busy junction in Punggol.


As cars whizzed past ahead of them, he guided the old man along, holding his hand up to stop traffic so they can pass safely.

Risking his life at a busy junction like that to help a complete stranger is certainly a brave and heroic act.

Drivers graciously give way

Perhaps moved by the sight of the old man clinging onto the kind motorcyclist, drivers who had to stop to let them pass seemed to do so graciously.


None of the drivers tried to overtake another, or filter to a different lane and drive away. All of them stopped, even when the light was green and signalling for them to move.


Once the pair approached the other side, traffic started moving again behind them, without any major disruptions.

Stranger with a big heart

Even after guiding the old man safely, the motorcyclist went on to help him press the button at the next junction which he may have had to cross.


Whether or not he helped the man cross that junction too is unclear, as the video ends shortly after that.

The camera pans over to the other side at several points of the video to show the bike which the motorcyclist had left by the side of the road.


To drop everything he was doing to help someone in need was truly a selfless act. We’re sure the elderly man was immensely grateful.

Kudos to the kind motorcyclist for being a huge inspiration to everyone.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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