Selfless Rider Stops At Hougang Junction To Push Disabled Uncle On Faulty PMD Across The Road

Rider Gets Off Bike To Help Disabled Uncle Cross Hougang Junction

Videos of nasty road behaviours are common in Singapore, but once in a while, we do get the occasional heartwarming scene.

A selfless rider was caught on camera on Saturday (31 Aug) pushing a disabled uncle on his Personal Mobility Device (PMD) across a junction in Hougang.

The video on All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page sparked a stream of positive comments from netizens. You can watch it in full here:

Rider gets off bike at Hougang junction to help disabled uncle

Most drivers and riders are often in a hurry to get somewhere and can’t make time for distractions.

However, a rider who stopped at the junction between Buangkok Link and Hougang Street 93 proved otherwise.

As other motorists waited patiently for the light to turn green, the rider may have spotted an old man attempting to cross the road.

The uncle, who from his reliance on the PMD appeared disabled, could have had trouble moving his device forward, prompting the rider to step up and help.


Perhaps moved by the thoughtful gesture, a bus passenger recorded the moment on camera.

Uncle all smiles as rider lends a helping hand

The rider, with helmet still on, walked behind the uncle’s PMD and leaned forward to push it.

As they made their way across, the rider appeared to be making conversation with the uncle, who had a grateful smile on his face.


Cars making a right turn passed behind them, a reminder of how dangerous it could’ve been if the uncle’s PMD had stalled in the middle.

Kudos to kind rider for helping someone in need

It’s not every day that we get to witness such a heartwarming exchange between complete strangers.


The rider’s kindness probably helped the uncle greatly and made his day. Kudos to the good Samaritan for keeping our faith in humanity.

Let’s all learn by example and help someoone in need whenever the opportunity arises.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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