S’porean Mum Gives Birth In Gojek Car, Thanks Driver For Keeping Calm & Assisting Her

Singaporean Mum Gives Birth In Gojek Car Before Her Due Date

Earlier this year, a Singapore mother penned a lengthy Facebook post to share her experience of giving birth in a Grab car.

Last Friday (23 Aug), another Singaporean mum named Ms Nish had a similar experience — she gave birth in a Gojek car.

In a Facebook post on Monday (26 Aug), she detailed the events that day and also thanked her driver for remaining calm and assisting throughout her labour.

Here’s her post in full. We also summarise it after the jump.


Called for Gojek to the hospital

According to the post, Ms Nish started having light contractions at around 5.30am last Friday (23 Aug).

As time went by, the contractions intensified — she apparently experienced 1 every 5 minutes at around 8.30am.

Instead of calling for an ambulance, Ms Nish’s husband, who was at work, called a Gojek vehicle to send her to the hospital since it wasn’t their baby’s due date yet.

Ms Nish’s sister-in-law also learnt of the situation and accompanied her to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Went into labour in the Gojek car

However, the Gojek ride didn’t quite go as expected.

Before they could reach the hospital, Ms Nish’s water bag broke and she went into labour in the Gojek vehicle then and there. A chaotic situation ensued as Ms Nish started screaming in pain.

The driver, Mr Leng, was a calming presence throughout it all. Ms Nish shared that he calmed her down and constantly assured her that they were reaching the hospital soon.

20 minutes later, Ms Nish successfully gave birth to a precious baby girl while still in the car.

WARNING: the below picture may cause distress to some. 


Offered to compensate but Gojek driver declined

Upon reaching KK Hospital, Ms Nish was greeted by her husband and other nurses, who promptly wheeled her into the labour ward.


In ending, Ms Nish thanked Mr Leng for his help throughout the ride and eventually getting her to the hospital.


Ms Nish and her sister-in-law were aware of the mess they had caused in the vehicle and offered to compensate Mr Leng. He, however, turned it down and instead congratulated them on their newborn child.


Congrats to the couple on their newborn girl

Giving birth is a complicated process. Despite going into labour earlier than expected, it’s almost miraculous that Ms Nish could welcome the safe arrival of their newborn daughter swiftly in a moving vehicle.

Props to Gojek driver Mr Leng too for remaining calm throughout what we imagined was a tense drive to the hospital.

Both the couple and Mr Leng will have a wonderful story to tell the world now.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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