S’porean Car Hits Motorcyclist & Drives Away, But Kind Uncle Behind Stops For Him

Singaporean Car Hits Motorcyclist & Drives Away, Kind Uncle Behind Him Helped

As the Chinese saying goes: The road is like a tiger’s mouth.

No matter how experienced we are with the roads, there’s always the risk of getting into accidents.

For one motorcyclist travelling along a busy road, he received a rude shock when a driver hit him from the side. He ended up toppling over on the road while the driver drove away.


Fortunately for him, a kind uncle who witnessed the entire incident from behind stopped his car to help.


Here’s how the entire situation unfolded.

Car hits motorcyclist when switching lanes

Footage from a vehicle’s dash cam, posted on SG Road Vigilante Facebook on Wednesday (2 Oct), shows a red Singaporean car abruptly changing lanes while a motorcyclist is lane splitting.


The driver, who is coming from behind and wants to switch to the right lane, collides with the motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist regains his balance for a split second before eventually falling over.


Despite the collision, the car driver continues moving forward without stopping for the unfortunate motorcyclist.

Driver behind the motorcyclist stops to help

A kind uncle, whose dash cam recorded the entire incident in front of him, immediately stops his car to help the injured man.

The footage shows him, in the pink shirt, redirecting traffic away from the motorcyclist.


The uncle then helps him to sit up.


The motorcyclist seems to be in a state of confusion and pain, as he apparently couldn’t stand up.

Another driver steps forward to help, presumably to ask the motorcyclist for his emergency contact.



He then walks forward to help the uncle support the motorcyclist.

Netizens praise the uncle

Despite the accident, netizens commented it was fortunate that there were kind-hearted people at the scene to help the motorist.

They were touched that the uncle stepped forward to help despite his age.

One netizen expressed his admiration for the 2 men’s swiftness to help.


Another netizen thanked the uncle for his kindness.


Be responsible on the road

It is important to be responsible for our actions. Regardless of who is in the wrong, it isn’t right to leave someone injured on the road.

We hope that everyone will be more alert and careful when driving on the road to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future.

Featured image adapted from SG Road Vigilante on Facebook.

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