S’pore motorcyclist gets stopped while rushing to visit sick father, traffic police quickly lets her go

Traffic police officer quickly lets motorcyclist go to meet her father

A motorcyclist in Singapore recently took to TikTok to detail an incident where she was pulled over for her tinted visor.

She was on the way to visit her father who had been conveyed to the hospital.


Thank you to those two man who stopped to help 🙏🏻 Long story short, i was rushing to the Hospital from work and i got pulled over for my slight tinted visor. I told him to do a quick check as my dad was on his way to the Hospital. He immediately told me that i can go off without even checking my ID and driving license. But i was late to see my dad. He passed away shortly before i reached. I told my sister about the situation i was in and blamed myself for reaching a tad late but she said “there must be a reason why he stopped you, might be possible he prevented you from getting into an accident?” Everything happens for a reason so i strongly believe you did helped me in a way and i hope you didn’t get into so much trouble for dropping your bike and i’m so sorry that i froze, my mind just went completely blank after everything.

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Even though the encounter lasted only about five minutes, her father had passed away shortly before her arrival.

Recounting her story to MS News, the motorcyclist noted that regardless, she was grateful to the traffic police for his quick work and two other motorists for their assistance.

Motorcyclist pulled over for tinted visor on the way to visit father

Speaking to MS News, Lidya, a customer service agent, shared that the incident took place last Saturday (6 April) at 2.15pm.

She had been travelling from work at Changi Airport to Ng Teng Fong Hospital, after receiving news that her father was on the way there.

Source: @lyly.slm on TikTok

After the officer pulled her over for her “slight tinted visor”, Lidya requested a “quick check” and explained her situation.

The officer then checked her visor with his Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) device and found that hers was within the legal limits. Following this, she was free to go.

“He immediately told me that I can go off without even checking my ID and driving license,” Lidya said.

She noted that had he done these procedures, the encounter would have lasted longer than five minutes. Lidya added:

He sensed the urgency and let me go.

However, in the few rushed minutes of their interaction, the officer’s motorcycle unexpectedly topped over.

“When the bike fell I was in complete shock and felt helpless as I injured my left arm before, so I can’t really carry heavy [objects],” Lidya explained.

Source: @lyly.slm on TikTok

Motorcyclist misses out on last few moments with father

It was then that two motorists stopped after seeing the officer struggle with the bike.

They helped to set the bike upright before continuing on their way.

Source: @lyly.slm on TikTok

Despite the quick check by the officer, Lidya arrived at the hospital too late. She was told that her father passed away shortly before her arrival.

In her TikTok post, Lidya shared that she blamed herself for her delay in reaching the hospital.

However, her sister pointed out that the traffic police officer could have possibly prevented her from getting into an accident by stopping her.

“Everything happens for a reason so I strongly believe you did help me in a way,” Lidya said, addressing the officer in the caption of her TikTok post.

Regarding her tinted visor, she clarified that it was within the limits permitted by regulations.

Lidya suggested that the officer might have been unable to properly see the visor due to the glaring sun while on the road, causing him to pull her over.

Wanted to highlight kind deeds of motorists and traffic police

Lidya also shared with MS News that she posted the video to highlight the kind actions of the two motorists and the traffic police officer.

“I am very thankful that there are [sic] good in people and that was the main reason why I shared,” she explained.

To show there are kind citizens and [traffic police] officers who are very nice and understanding.

She also noted there were some who blamed the officer for delaying her meeting with her father.

“He is just doing his job,” Lidya said.

“He was really nice towards me and showed empathy. I am grateful that he was the one who pulled me over because I am not sure of other officers who would do the same as he did.”

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S’pore Motorcyclist Stopped By Traffic Police, Polite Officer Banters While Pointing Out Transgressions

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Featured image adapted from @lyly.slm on TikTok.

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