Motorcyclist Helps Push Stalled Car Upslope In Bedok, Kind Deed Earns Him Praise

Motorcyclist Stops To Help Stalled Car, Pushes It Up Slope Alone

Besides getting into an accident, another nightmare for drivers would be having a breakdown in the middle of the road.

When that happens while they’re alone, they might be left to call for help while other vehicles rush past them.

However, one driver was lucky to receive help – a motorcyclist apparently stopped to push the stalled car, taking on the strenuous effort all on his own.


For that, he earned praise from netizens for his kindness.

Inspiring incident on Bedok North Ave 3

The inspiring incident was shared to the Facebook page by a netizen on Thursday (12 Aug).


According to the OP, it took place just before Bedok Green Secondary School.

From the photos he posted, this looks like Bedok North Avenue 3 in the direction towards New Upper Changi Road, just after the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) flyover.


2 people needed to push a car

The car that broke down was a Toyota Corolla Altis, the OP said, and its driver had been pushing it.

However, those who’ve experience with stalled cars would know that someone needs to be in the driver’s seat to control the steering wheel while another person pushes.

Hence, 2 people are needed to push a car, and if the driver was alone, he would find this difficult.

That’s why when a passing motorcyclist stopped and helped out, he was a godsend indeed.

Motorcyclist had to push car upslope

The kind-hearted motorcyclist ended up pushing the car all by himself, as the driver controlled the car.

He also had to push it upslope, said the OP.

From the photos, we can see how the motorcyclist had to push at an almost 45-degree angle to get leverage.


The task must have been exhausting, the OP added.

Considerable risk to his safety

Meanwhile, vehicles were rushing past, and he would have had to endure the exhaust fumes and the danger of being out in the middle of the road.

The risk to his safety was considerable, especially if a speeding car had failed to stop in time and crashed into them.


The motorcyclist’s own bike was left safely at the side of the road while its owner was undertaking the arduous task.


Car estimated to weigh 1,300kg

Praising the motorcyclist, the OP added in a comment that the Altis is estimated to weigh about 1,300kg, and it’s very tough to push that amount of weight up a slope.

In fact, he would even have trouble pushing a 140kg bike.


Motorcyclist had no obligation to help

More importantly, the motorcyclist had no obligation to help – he could’ve just continued on his way without stopping.

Instead, he risked his safety to do a good deed, and that speaks volumes of his kindness and character.


While a netizen identified the motorcyclist as being from Singapore Power, another said that he works from Schindler lifts.

Either way, we hope he’s identified and rewarded for his good deed.

Giving a helping hand

It’s not every day that one comes across a Good Samaritan who’s willing to literally give you a helping hand.

When it also comes at the risk to his own safety, you know that he’s a one-of-a-kind saviour indeed.

Kudos to the kind motorcyclist for his good deed. We hope that the driver he helped shows his appreciation accordingly.

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