MRT Wait Time Now Up To 10 Mins Later & Fewer CBD Buses Due To Low Ridership

MRT Wait Time Now Longer & Several Bus Services To CBD Suspended

As Singaporeans settle into staying home due to the ‘Circuit Breaker’, fewer are using public transport to commute.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) reported that it saw a 71% drop in bus ridership, and 75% drop in train ridership. As such, they have decided to reduce the frequency of both train and bus services during this period.

The revised operations will begin on 15 Apr for buses, and on 17 Apr for trains.

Read on for more details.

MRT wait time around 10 min or more during non-peak hours

Starting this Friday (17 Apr), the following MRT lines will be ending their services 30 min earlier:

  • North-South Line (Red)
  • East-West Line (Green)
  • North-East Line (Purple)
  • Circle Line (Yellow)
  • Downtown Line (Blue)

Trains will run on these lines less frequently as well. MRT wait time will be increased to around 5 minutes during peak hours and 10 minutes or more during non-peak hours.

The Thomson-East Coast (Brown) Line will operate from 6.30am-8pm, but wait times will remain at 7 minutes for peak hours and 12 minutes for non-peak hours.

For North-Easties, the Sengkang-Punggol LRT will be running a single loop service during non-peak hours, and operations will end around 30 minutes earlier too.

Meanwhile, there are no changes to the Bukit Panjang LRT service.

Some CBD bus services suspended

Certain buses that run through the Central Business District (CBD) will be suspended, given most are working from home now.

Affected services are 12e, 14e, 89e, 151e, 188e, 188R, 30e, 43e, 74e, 854e, 960e, 963e, 963R, CT8, CT18 and 506.

LTA also mentioned that they would be working with bus operators to review the buses operating hours in light of the reduced ridership.

Reduced operations to alleviate financial impact

To check on updated bus and train timings, you can use the MyTransport app or check the social media sites of LTA and the other transport operators.

LTA mentioned that the reduced operations of public transport would help alleviate the financial impact given the drop in ridership.

Hopefully, the ‘Circuit Breaker’ manages to get the situation under control, and we can go back to using public transport as per usual soon.

Until then, please stay home, and remember to wear a mask if you go out.

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