S’pore Woman Confronts Man On MRT Who Allegedly Told Her Not To Cross Legs

Woman Allegedly Told Not To Cross Legs By Stranger On MRT

A woman in Singapore was enraged after the man sitting next to her on the MRT allegedly told her not to cross her legs.

Confronting the man, she questioned why he thought he had the right to tell a stranger what to do with their bodies.

However, the man did not say anything in return, even as the woman raised her voice at him as he got off the train.


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The woman uploaded a portion of the exchange on TikTok, prompting other users to express concern for her after the scary encounter.

Woman confronts man for telling her not to cross legs, starts recording conversation

The video seemingly starts in the middle of the pair’s exchange.

Per the in-video text, the man,  sitting next to the woman taking the video on the MRT, allegedly told her not to cross her legs.

The woman confronted the man, saying, “You’re telling me what to do with my legs, seriously?”

MRT cross legs

Source: TikTok

She said she had her legs on top of each other while she was on her phone.

That was supposedly when the man turned to her to tell her that she “cannot cross [her] legs”.

As she questioned him, the man seemingly smiled while using his phone and ignoring her.

When she asked the man about the smiling, he said, “It is funny.”

“Put on TikTok, no problem,” he responded as she probed further.

MRT cross legs

Source: TikTok

Then, the woman highlighted the lines between the seats. She pointed out that she was not touching him, nor did she hit him while her legs were crossed.

“If you are so unsatisfied, you can move.”

The mostly one-sided exchange lasted a while longer before the man moved to the cabin exit.

At that point, the woman raised her voice and said he had no business criticising her actions in Mandarin.

“I did nothing wrong, how can you treat me like that? I don’t even know you,” she yelled.

Source: TikTok

She continued questioning the man until he disembarked from the train.

Based on the train announcements, the man alighted at Raffles Place MRT station.

TikTok users express support & sympathy towards woman

TikTok users who came across the video were mostly sympathetic to the woman.

One user said they felt bad for the woman, adding that some have nothing better to do than ruin someone’s day.

Source: TikTok

The woman replied to the comment, thanking the user for their support.

Another comment said this was a scary encounter, and that they hoped the woman was all right.

Source: TikTok

There was also another commenter who pointed out that the man probably felt embarrassed, and that he would do well taking a taxi next time.

Source: TikTok

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