Chinese Singer Roasted For Wearing Fake Calvin Klein Underwear, Asks Internet To Stop ‘Nagging’ Him

Chinese Singer Roasted For Wearing Fake Calvin Klein Underwear, Asks Internet To Stop 'Nagging' Him

Chinese Idol Mu Ziyang Gets Mocked For Wearing Fake Calvin Klein Underwear

There is a demand for counterfeit designer goods as they allow people to flaunt big brand names without actually spending big bucks on them.

However, while some replicas are almost indistinguishable from the real deal, others are very obviously just poor and lazy imitations.

Unfortunately, for Chinese singer Mu Ziyang, he was caught wearing the latter — while performing on stage, no less.

mu ziyang calvin klein

Source: Weibo

Since then, the internet hasn’t been able to stop poking fun at his “Cailv Kenli” — instead of Calvin Klein — underwear.

Mu Ziyang wears fake Calvin Klein underwear during concert

According to ETtoday, Mu Ziyang was performing with his group ONER at the Taihu Bay Music Festival in Changzhou, China, when his fashion faux pas came to light.

At one point, he raised his arms to form a heart shape. His movements caused his white shift to lift as well, exposing the top of his underwear peeking out from the waistband of his trousers.

Instead of Calvin Klein, he wore a brand called “Cailv Kenli” instead.

Judging from the similar font and the anagram — albeit an incomplete one that’s missing an “N” — of the American fashion label’s name, it’s safe to say that it was a knockoff.

mu ziyang calvin klein

Source: Weibo

Apparently, that isn’t the only piece from the “Cailv Kenli” collection that Mu Ziyang owns.

Another picture shows him in a different outfit and a different pair of underwear.

mu ziyang calvin klein

Source: Weibo

Although only about a quarter of his underwear’s waistband can be seen, it also appears to say “Cailv Kenli” in even bigger letters.

Mu Ziyang asks netizens to stop making fun of him

The star’s big style no-no earned him a good roasting from Weibo users. The hashtag “Mu Ziyang’s Calvin Klein underwear is fake” even started trending on the social media platform.

It wasn’t long before Mu Ziyang caught wind of all the jeering and steering.

He took to his official Weibo account and wrote, “All right, stop nagging. I didn’t realise that I bought a fake. I kept seeing this the whole day.”

However, he peppered his post with smiley faces, perhaps to show he wasn’t taking things too badly.

Source: Weibo

Mu Ziyang later left a comment on his own post asking what he should do with all of his ‘offending’ underwear.

“Should I continue wearing them? I’ve bought so many that I can’t just throw them away,” he lamented.

Source: Weibo

Well, we think the wise thing to do would be to continue wearing them at home — just refrain from flashing them on stage in front of thousands of people.

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