Deers In Nara Park Relax Amid Sakuras, End Up Stealing Spotlight In Pre-Wedding Shoots

These Nara Park Deers Make Wonderful Photobombs For Wedding Shoots

As Japan celebrates its spring season, we’ve seen countless images of cherry blossoms and flower fields on social media.

While cherry blossoms will always have a place in our hearts, we never thought that deers could steal the spotlight.

Last Monday (11 May), Japanese photographer Kazuki Ikeda shared a video he took of Nara Park in Japan during a pre-wedding photoshoot.

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According to the Nara-born photographer, he had shot this video on 8 April — a day after Japan had declared a state of emergency due to Covid-19.

So rather than a flock of tourists, we see the field filled with deers peacefully grazing in the area.

Flock of deers at Nara Park

Japan’s Nara Park, established in 1880, is one of the oldest public parks in Japan. The enchanting destination features 1,200 wild deers roaming freely.

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Photographer Kazuki Ikeda frequents the site for pre-wedding photoshoots. Due to the lack of tourists, he witnessed more deers approaching the couples.


Nara Park deers are pro photobombers

Surprisingly, instead of a lonely third wheel, the deers made wonderful photobombs in several shots, like this one.


Since animals insist on joining the photoshoot, the couples welcome them and enjoy their company.

nara park 3Source

This deer enjoying an afternoon nap appears to be an expert photobomber without even trying.

nara park 4Source

Taking a cue from the peaceful animals, one couple basked in the beauty of nature and soaked in the sun’s rays.

We’ve never imagined that deers would be a postcard-worthy addition to pre-wedding photoshoots until today.


Hanging out with deers for next year

Most of us missed the cherry blossoms in Japan and postponed our trips because it’s currently not safe to travel.

The Covid-19 outbreak has disrupted our lives, but the declining number of cases and thousands of recoveries are making us feel optimistic about the future.

While we’re stuck indoors, you can always find time to fill up your travel bucket list.

We hope you get an opportunity to visit Nara Park next year and hang out with a flock of deers. Until then, stay safe at home and follow observe safe distancing.

Featured image adapted from Facebook. 

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